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4 Tips For Your 2022 COVID Wedding

So we’re almost halfway through 2022 and yes, COVID is still here. Things are not quite normal yet, despite there being pretty much no rules or restrictions anymore. And although we all have a massive desire for things to be normal, it doesn’t magically make it so. Sad, but true. So where does that leave

Glamping Wedding Guide

While destination weddings have grown over the years in popularity, COVID has made them even more popular. It’s still a non-traditional choice, but it’s becoming more desired. Why you ask? It’s because it’s a real chance to spend time with your loved ones. And don’t we all want more of that given the separation and

Finding the Right Wedding Destination Location

For many couples, the start of wedding planning begins with finding a wedding venue. Because without a wedding venue, there’s no wedding date. And you obviously need a wedding date in order to do anything else! But, there’s a very important step that comes before finding a wedding venue, and that’s finding a wedding destination

Creating a Wedding Vision (the easy way)

There are some people who have had wedding dreams for years before they got engaged. Maybe since they were little or maybe since they became adults. The idea of a wedding and getting married isn’t just a concept for them. It’s an actual vision of what they see, imagine, wish and dream of having. They’ve

The Extravagant Over the Top Wedding Trend

Weddings are back in full swing! If you haven’t yet been to one, I’m sure you’ve received at least one save the date for an upcoming wedding in 2022. And that’s because everyone is getting married (including you)! The wedding boom (surge, rush, fight or whatever you want to call it) is real. And because

The Best Time To Hire A Destination Wedding Planner

So we all know that hiring a destination wedding planner is a good thing. In fact, it’s a great thing! Because it makes the planning of your wedding so much easier, smoother and stress-free. And while I could talk about why you should hire a destination wedding planner for days, there’s an important question that

The Cost Of Being A Wedding Guest

I read an article recently in Vogue about weddings becoming marathons and asking the question, when did it become this way? With the rise in destination weddings in recent (non-COVID) years and bachelor and bachelorette getaways, they’re not wrong. Weddings have become longer and more elaborate. And the festivities around weddings have increased in quantity,

A COVID Wedding Story (A Cautionary Tale)

I had a scare the other day. A COVID wedding scare. I got the dreaded call. That someone I had met with a few days earlier had tested positive for COVID. They had met with someone who tested positive and now they had tested positive. And they were now calling me. This was a fully