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Magical Scotland Destination Wedding in the Isle of Skye

I don’t talk a lot about myself on the blog partially because that’s just not my style.  But, also because I want to actually help you and give you tips, information and inspiration you can use in the planning of your wedding or event or travels.  But today I’ve got something BIG to share that

Two Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding Venue and Location

When you start planning your wedding one of the first things you’ll need to do is figure out where you’re going to get married.  You’ll need to pick your location and your wedding venue.  These are two big items you’ll have to decide on. And since it’s also one of the first items you’ll choose,

4 Ways to Incorporate Your Locations in Your Wedding Design

We all know that the wedding venue you choose is important and that it plays a big factor in your design decisions.  But, don’t forget that your locations matter too.  If you haven’t checked out our most recent Facebook live and why your location matters in your wedding design, you definitely should!  Because today we’re building