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How the government shutdown can affect your wedding

It’s crazy to think that this has been the longest government shutdown in US history. It’s nuts! Those working for the government are affected both on a day to day basis, but also financially. And if you don’t work for the government, it’s an state of affairs that makes you feel both uncomfortable and uncertain.

Wedding Wednesdays Q&A: 3 Steps to Wedding Planning Self Care

Q: I need some major help because I’ve hit a wall.  I’m just completely and utterly stressed out.  Everything about planning my wedding is stressing me out.  My parents, my wedding party, finding vendors, trying to come up with something cute…  It’s just question after question or decision after decision.  I feel like I’m spending

3 Unexpected Costs of An International Destination Wedding

With any wedding, there are always surprises.  Because you just can’t know everything when you start. Some of these surprises are good things and help make your wedding even better.  But, others are not so great. These usually take the form of unexpected costs or hassles. And while you can prevent or plan for many