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Guidelines To Planning A Destination Wedding During COVID

We’ve been talking about virtual weddings recently and all the reasons why a virtual wedding is a good idea. And there are many! But, virtual weddings aren’t the only wedding options available to you if you want to get married now. And being destination wedding planners, the question we keep getting asked is, can you

10 Reasons Why A Virtual Wedding Is a Good Idea

We’ve been talking a lot about Coronavirus because well, it’s affecting all our lives in so many ways. Including obviously your destination wedding, hometown wedding or semi-destination wedding. And as you postpone and adjust your plans and anxiously wait to see what happens… I bet this thought has crossed your mind… Should we just get

How to Make Your Small Wedding (or Celebration) At Home Special

We are living in strange times right now, there’s no doubt about it. We’re all doing our part and staying home. But social distancing makes celebrating difficult. Because when you celebrate, you want it to be special. Whether that’s a wedding or another celebration like a birthday, an anniversary or a milestone. But I’ve got

How To Adjust Your Wedding in the Midst of Coronavirus

It’s been only two weeks since our last blog about Coronavirus and already so many things have changed. It feels like every day, heck every hour, new information and restrictions are being put into place. There are new recommendations from the CDC banning events larger than 50 people for the next two months. And some