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How You Can Support and Shop Small Wedding Businesses

Coronavirus has certainly been a disrupter of not only our everyday lives, but our celebrations. Events and weddings have all been upended, changed, postponed, cancelled or just put on hold. And while the focus of our blog and our tips is centered around helping those who are engaged and planning an event, I want to

The New Elopement: The Definition And What It Really Means

When I say the word elopement, what comes to mind? Perhaps two people running off to get married in secret? Maybe they’re defying their parents. Or they’re knocked up. Or maybe they don’t want a wedding. Maybe you think of somewhere tropical or remote with a short ceremony surrounded by nature. Or maybe you think

The #1 Reason Why You Should Have a Micro Wedding

Have you heard the term micro wedding? If you have, I’m sure you’ve seen the many articles, venues and vendors using the term. And if not, here’s your introduction! Now while people use the term micro wedding pretty loosely and in different ways, here’s the actual definition… A micro wedding is essentially a smaller version

10 Best Outdoor Intimate Wedding Venues in the Bay Area (that you can get married at right now!)

If you’re planning a wedding during COVID, you’re having an outdoor wedding. Because it’s both safe and beautiful! Getting married during COVID also means that you’re having a smaller, more intimate wedding. Whether that’s an elopement, a micro wedding, a virtual wedding or a hybrid wedding. It also means a true destination wedding during COVID

What Happens If Your Wedding Venue (or Vendor) Goes Out Of Business

COVID has changed everything. Weddings, gatherings, interactions. And of course, also businesses. The wedding and events industry like so many other industries has been essentially shut down. We were one of the first industries to be put in lockdown and we’ll be one of the last to come back. As a couple it’s easy to

Wedding Wednesday Q&A: How To Honor Your Destination Wedding in Your Virtual Wedding

Q: Our destination wedding has been postponed. But since we don’t know when it will be safe again to travel and have the wedding we want, we’ve decided to get married now. We’re having a virtual wedding so all our guests can attend. But, I’d like to still honor the destination wedding we were going