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Making The Case For The Non-Traditional Wedding

Weddings are by nature all about traditions. There’s everything from the white dress to the something blue to cultural and religious traditions. There’s vows, rings, wedding parties, and first dances. If you think about it, almost all the things you naturally think about when you think about a wedding are wedding traditions. But, what if

How To Choose A Location For Your Destination Wedding in 2021 or 2022

After a long 2020, things are starting to look up. We can see an end to COVID or at least a return to something close to pre-COVID life. And while it’s not here yet, it’s coming! Which means it’s time to start planning your destination wedding. Because you’ve been waiting to start planning till things

How To Plan A Wedding During COVID (When You Don’t Know What You Can Plan)

2020 was the year of waiting. Everyone just sort of held their breath and waited to see what happened. People planned weddings, but those weddings many times got postponed, cancelled or downsized because the situation kept changing. The roller coaster of changes left everyone feeling the effects of whiplash. But, now that we’re in 2021

What You Need To Know When Planning A Destination Elopement or Micro Wedding in 2021

So, you’re thinking about planning a destination elopement or micro wedding in 2021. Because you’ve decided you’re not waiting, you want to get married now. But, you still want to go somewhere. Somewhere beautiful. Somewhere that isn’t your home or hometown. Because well, you’re tried of being where you are. You want to get married