Creating a Wedding Vision (the easy way)

There are some people who have had wedding dreams for years before they got engaged. Maybe since they were little or maybe since they became adults.

The idea of a wedding and getting married isn’t just a concept for them. It’s an actual vision of what they see, imagine, wish and dream of having.

They’ve thought about everything from where to when to flowers, food and music. What they’re going to wear to what photos they want.

But for many, that isn’t the case.

And if you’ve found yourself here, you’re likely not someone who has dreamt about their wedding their whole life.

You may have never even thought about your wedding in a real sense before.

But, now that you’re engaged, you are starting to think.

And you are starting to dream a little bit about what you want for your wedding.

And that’s great! Dreaming is great.

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But sometimes that dreaming isn’t very clear. You have too many ideas. Or maybe no real idea.

That’s when creating a vision can really help!

Now if you’re a vision board person or a Pinterest nut, these are obviously tools you can use to help create a vision.

But, it’s important to remember that a vision is more than the aesthetic.

It’s a feeling, an experience, a vibe.

Creating the vision for your wedding is about finding that right feeling for YOU.

And you start here because all the stuff that comes from that vision, both physical stuff and decisions, should all lead back to that feeling.

So the feeling is what you begin with.

And today we’re going to do a little vision exercise to help get you on the right path.

Whether you’ve got too many ideas in your head or too little, this exercise will help clarify things for you.

An Easy Exercise to Create Your Wedding Vision

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Step #1

So before we even begin, this exercise requires both of you. Because this wedding is about your union.

Whether or not you both equally work on the planning side of things is one thing (which by the way, I think you should try to do).

But you both NEED to take part in the vision.

Because the vision can’t be just one person’s dreams.

It HAS to be both of your dream.

And the only way to do that is to make sure you’re both involved.

So, before you begin, make sure you’re doing this together.

Step #2

Now that you’re together, I want you to close your eyes.

Close your eyes and imagine getting married.

Now you don’t want to put yourselves in someone else’s wedding that you’ve attended. Or in scenes you’ve seen on TV or the movies.

And if you’ve been thinking about ideas already, ignore those for this exercise.

Just start with imagining you and your partner.

Look into their eyes (in your mind) and see what expands from there.

First, what do you feel?

Then, where are you? What does it feel like? What does it look like?

Who’s there? What’s there?

Can you hear, smell or taste anything in particular?

Let your mind wander freely and see what images and feelings immediately pop into your head.

You may have a lot of images and you can see a whole scene. Or maybe it’s just one feeling or one thing that you see.

Whatever you imagine is great. Even if what you imagine isn’t necessarily all happy (we’ll get to that later).

Don’t restrict where your mind goes. It’s like a brainstorm.

Give yourself at least 5-10 minutes to let your mind just explore.

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Step #3

When you’re done imagining, put down what you saw and felt on to paper.

It can be just notes and bullet points. Or you can write down a whole story like explaining a dream.

Writing it down not only helps you to remember, but it will help you to articulate what comes next.

Step #4

Ok now comes the sharing.

Tell your partner what you imagined. Tell them what you saw and felt. And tell them how that made you feel.

One of you should go first, and then the other.

But don’t judge each other!

Be open to what they’re saying and sharing.

This is not about discussion yet (that comes next), just sharing.

And while many things you’ll be sharing are likely happy things, things that made you feel joy or love, there may also be things that are a little less happy.

And that’s ok! It’s good to share those things too. Don’t edit yourself to just the happy things.

Because those not as happy things are worries.

Things you imagine because they scare you or stress you out.

Things you really don’t want at your wedding, but you can’t help but imagine.

These are important things to share for what comes next.

Step #5

Because once you’ve both shared what you imagine, it’s time to discuss!

What do you each think of those ideas, vibes, feelings and worries?

What excites you both? And what scares you both?

Talk about it!

Talking about what you each imagine helps you to form your joint wedding vision. The big idea behind what you’re going to be creating. The big idea behind all your future wedding decisions.

Discuss it and put together the pieces that create your wedding vision.

What you end up with may be something very clear and detailed. Or the vision might still be a little fuzzy.

It doesn’t matter!

The important thing is that you now have a good place to start.

A place that feels good to both of you.

And you can take that wedding vision and start making some decisions or coming up with other ideas that help to start rounding out that vision.

Like where you might want to get married. Or when, or who would be invited. Or how you want to go about planning it.

And let’s not forget the less happy things you discussed. Those will come in handy too!

Because you can make decisions to help control many of those stressors and potentially eliminate those worries altogether.

And that will help you create the wedding vision you want. The 100% happy one.

And yes, we can help with that!

We can take whatever vision you come up with and help you bring that to life. Not just all the good stuff, but preventing all those stressors too.

Can’t wait to get started? Contact us today to set up a free consultation.

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