Facing the Omicron Nightmare: Tips For a Destination Wedding in 2022

O Omicron, O Omicron…

How irritating are thy mutations!

So anyone who lived through the last week knows what a mess Omicron is making.

Cancelled Christmas, New Years and holiday gathering plans.

Cancelled flights.

Case rates are increasing exponentially.


I gotta say, I’m pretty tired of this. As I’m sure you are too.

But what does this mean for the future?

What does this mean for destination weddings in 2022?

And what can you do about it?

2 Tips To Planning A Destination Wedding in 2022

So, to be honest, despite the rapid spread of Omicron, not much is likely going to change for weddings. Just like not much changed when Delta emerged.

And it’s mainly because most people wouldn’t be very happy about rules reverting back.

So I don’t think you’re going to see limits on gatherings or banning indoor venues.

But, there are some issues that will affect your wedding and here are 2 tips to help you plan your destination wedding in 2022.

TIP #1 – Do everything you can

Bride and groom at their wedding reception in the redwoods at a forest wedding in Santa Cruz by destination wedding planner Mango Muse Events
(Photo credit: Kirsten Noelle)

If it wasn’t clear before that you need to take every step you can take to protect yourselves and your guests, Omicron should be teaching you that now.

Because the big issue that’s emerged over the last week is that it seems to be everywhere.

Omicron is EVERYWHERE.

And everyone seems to be experiencing some kind of contact (even if minimally) with someone who tested positive.

And that’s just the ones you do know about!

Which means there are tons of people you’re likely coming into contact with that are positive that you don’t know about.

All of this to say that vaccinations and testing is going to be even more important than before.

If your venue didn’t require it before, it’s going to be needed now.

And if you weren’t requiring it of your guests before, you should now. And if you can, require both vaccination and a negative test.

Because especially with all the breakthrough infections, it’s the only way to gather and feel like you’ve done what you can to protect the people you love and the community.

And this is of course outside of all the things you were doing before like having your wedding outdoors and wearing masks.

Those are all still important!

But vaccinations and testing is going to be key going forward.

TIP #2 – Plan for contingencies

Wedding reception tent by the river in Stanley, Idaho at a private estate wedding by destination wedding planner Mango Muse Events
(Photo credit: Christine Marie)

The other big issue we’re seeing with Omicron being everywhere is that it’s affecting travel.

Everything from flight cancellations because of staffing shortages to countries going into lockdown.

It’s hard to say what will happen with Omicron or what the next variant will bring, but suffice it to say that travel may be affected.

And when it comes to destination weddings, travel is a major piece.

Perhaps THE major piece.

So that means advising your guests on things like refundable flights, travel insurance and boosters.

And planning with contingencies in mind.

You want to know the answers to questions like…

What happens if you can’t travel?

What happens if you get sick while traveling?

Or what happens if you can’t enter or leave a country?

And what happens if you need to postpone or cancel?

When you have the answers, you can build out contingency plans.

The hope is that you won’t need the contingency plan, but it’s possible you will for your destination wedding in 2022.

And this way those plans can get put into place if needed without the extra stress of having to think through it. Because you’ve already done that!

It also helps to face the possibility now, so that if it happens you aren’t as devastated.

You’re going into planning with your eyes open and with an understanding of the reality of the situation.

And I find that makes it much easier to handle a change in plans.

So, how do you plan a destination wedding in 2022 given Omicron? With these 2 crucial tips!

And of course with some help from your friendly neighborhood wedding planner!

Seriously though, if there was ever a time to hire a destination wedding planner, it’s now! And we’d be honored to help you.

Get in touch here and we’ll talk!

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