The Extravagant Over the Top Wedding Trend

Weddings are back in full swing! If you haven’t yet been to one, I’m sure you’ve received at least one save the date for an upcoming wedding in 2022.

And that’s because everyone is getting married (including you)!

The wedding boom (surge, rush, fight or whatever you want to call it) is real.

And because of it there are tons of weddings happening now.

With the increase in weddings, there’s one interesting trend I’m seeing… The rise of the extravagant, over the top wedding.

Glamorous and lush sweetheart table with chandelier and flowering branches for a destination wedding in wine country by destination wedding planner Mango Muse Events
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Now of course there have always been extravagant weddings. That’s not a new concept.

Celebrities, socialites and crazy rich people have always had extravagant weddings.

But, what I’m seeing is couples spending more and planning more events than they would have pre-COVID.

Now of course part of that is due to all the pent up desire to gather.

Weddings were put on hold and people are now ready to celebrate. And celebrate big!

After being cooped up for so long, couples want to go all out with their celebrations.

And that’s not a bad thing. Everyone wants to celebrate, including all your guests.

But there’s also another factor playing into this…

Wedding media.

To help explain this, all you have to do is look at the recent publicity and articles all about Ivy Getty’s wedding in San Francisco.

Now, who is Ivy Getty? Don’t worry, I didn’t know either. Let’s just say she comes from a very wealthy family.

Unlike the recent wedding of Paris Hilton, who everyone knows, Ivy Getty is an unknown (at least to most people).

Now of course she’s wealthy, but the articles about her wedding kept talking about how extravagant and wonderful it was. The massive, over the top celebration spanning days and officiated and attended by some very big names.

And I couldn’t help but think how its wedding media like this that influences couples.

It’s seeing these extravagant weddings plastered all over social media and blogs that makes you think that THIS is what you have to do.

That this is what is deemed fun or pretty, trendy or expected. Like hangers with names or weekend getaway bachelor/bachelorette parties.

Hot pink bridesmaid dresses with personalized hangers a wedding detail for a bright wedding by destination wedding planner Mango Muse Events
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All of that “have to” adds a lot of pressure.

It’s also totally unnecessary!

I know, I know… Coming from a wedding planner it’s a little shocking. Because shouldn’t I want you to spend tons of money?

Well, that’s not what I’m about.

Weddings do require some investment, that’s definitely true. And there’s nothing wrong with spending money on things you think are fun.

But to have a great wedding, you don’t need to go over the top.

In fact, in many cases over the top means nothing.

Sure, it’s pretty. But in most cases, it doesn’t mean squat to the couple. And what I mean here is that there is no meaning behind the over the top, beyond just being over the top.

And who cares about that?!

Well, some people care about that and showing off their wealth.

But if you’re here, you’re not that person.

Here’s the thing… It’s really easy to get sucked into all the things you think you should be doing. Or all the money you think you should be spending.

You see a wedding somewhere that’s just gorgeous. Or you fall in love with some look online.

And you start going down a path that maybe is beautiful, but doesn’t actually make sense for you.

Of course what you want will require some money.

But in most cases you don’t need to be extravagant to create a wedding that is lovely and meaningful.

It’s about planning your wedding intentionally, not frivolously.

It’s NOT about spending money just to spend money.

While you can just throw money at your wedding, there’s really no point to that.

So while I’m all for celebrating in a big way and really enjoying this time gathering. And while I love destination weddings with multiple events, don’t feel like you need to go over the top with your wedding.

If you want to, fine. But you don’t have to! AT ALL.

Ignore the wedding media.

There’s no pressure! At least not from me.

Just do you and create the wedding you really want.

What that price tag ends up coming out to doesn’t have to be something crazy. Seriously.

And we can help with that! We’ll not only help you set a budget, but will talk through ideas and make sure you’re spending your money wisely and intentionally.

So that your wedding fits with your goals, not what wedding media is showing you.

Contact us today to get started.

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