The Best Time To Hire A Destination Wedding Planner

So we all know that hiring a destination wedding planner is a good thing. In fact, it’s a great thing!

Because it makes the planning of your wedding so much easier, smoother and stress-free.

And while I could talk about why you should hire a destination wedding planner for days, there’s an important question that not a lot of couples ask themselves…

When should you hire a destination wedding planner?

This question is an important one because it can make a big difference in your planning and in turn, your wedding.

When you should hire a destination wedding planner

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Now most couples think that the first and most important thing they need to secure is a venue. Because a venue is how you get a date.

And that’s true!

It’s very important to have a venue and a date. Because without it… well, you can’t plan much else without it.

But, while a venue is very important, it’s actually not the first thing you want to secure.

Your destination wedding planner should come first.

Now I’m not saying this because I’m a planner. Well… I am, it’s why I have the insight I do. But it’s because there’s a reason why you should hire your wedding planner first.

Because they can help you find the RIGHT venue.

There are tons of wedding venues out there. Venues have different styles, different price points, different rules, inclusions and restrictions.

What makes the right wedding venue for you is about finding the one with the right combination that fits you, your partner and your wedding.

And that takes time. It takes research. It takes asking the right questions and lots of conversations.

And when you’ve gone through all of that, you still might not have the right venue.

Hiring your wedding planner before you start the venue process ensures you’ll find the right one. The one that excites you and fits your personalities and style.

The one that will allow you to have the wedding you want (whatever that is).

And you don’t have to work so hard to find it!

You’re tapping into your wedding planner’s knowledge and skill to help you find it. And that makes the process so much easier.

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But it’s not just about finding the right venue. Your destination wedding planner will also help you find the right location.

That could be picking the right spot on the globe, like Paris or the Pacific Northwest or the Caribbean. Or it could be picking the right area within an area, like Napa, or the Isle of Skye or the Big Island.

Because finding the right venue is also about choosing the right location.

Every couple has certain goals or dreams they have in mind for their wedding. Choosing the right destination location can help you see those dreams through.

Or it could end up not being quite what you had in mind.

In addition, choosing the right location is also about choosing the right time of year or the right weekend even. And that involves taking into account high and low seasons, other big events happening, holidays and more.

Having your wedding planner help you from the beginning makes everything easier and ensures you’re making the right decisions.

And that’s the key, making the right decisions from the beginning.

Particularly because your location and venue will also affect your budget and other decisions pretty drastically.

Now, I totally get the desire to secure a date as soon as possible, especially given these COVID times. There’s a lot of pressure around that. And once again you can’t do anything else until you have date.

So, I get it!

But trust me when I say it will only help you to have a planner before you start that process.

I’ve come in many times after a date has been secured only to find that the venue just isn’t quite the right fit.

Sometimes it’s for budget reasons and the couple didn’t realize what they were getting themselves into. Sometimes it’s the wrong style or the rules at a certain venue just won’t allow for what they’re trying to create.

And it’s not the end of the world. We can still create magic with less than perfect venues (I’ve got lots of tricks up my sleeve).

But it would have been so much better if a different venue had been chosen.

It would have been a better use of their money and would have resulted in a better wedding overall.

But don’t get me wrong, if you have a venue in mind and it’s your dream venue, you can of course secure that first.

It’s more when you don’t know where you want to get married. That’s when hiring your destination wedding planner first really pays off.

But, it’s also important you know that there is no bad time to hire a planner.

Hire your destination wedding planner when you’re ready whether that’s right at the beginning, after you have your venue, mid-way through or towards the end of your planning.

Your wedding planner can help you no matter what!

But, the best time to hire a destination wedding planner is right at the beginning.

That way they can help you with everything and guide you from the start.

And once again, that ensures you’re making the right decisions all along the way.

And of course we can help and would love to help you! You want YOUR wedding, so let us help you create just that. To get started, click to set up a free consultation. We can’t wait!

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