Climate Change and Your Wedding

For the last year or so we’ve been talking a lot about COVID. Which is understandable because it consumed our lives and affected every part of it.

And of course, that included weddings and events.

But it’s not just about the last year.

COVID has also changed so much of what we do now and how we handle and approach wedding and event planning for the future.

And it reminds me of a big problem we’re all facing… climate change.

Now of course, climate change is not new. I remember talking about recycling back in the 90s.

But we’ve gotten to a point where the effects are being seen and felt by everyone, everywhere.

Which of course is not good.

Now I’m not saying this to be political. I’m saying it because it affects your wedding or event. And not just in the sense of creating a green, sustainable, eco-friendly wedding.

But because climate change in many ways is like COVID. It affects us all. And it affects the future.

Climate change now affects your wedding and the planning of it in ways it just didn’t before.

And you now have to plan with climate change in mind.

Planning Your Wedding With Climate Change In Mind

Bride and groom walking in the vineyards at their Sonoma wine country destination wedding by Destination wedding planner Mango Muse Events
(Photo credit: Andria Lo Weddings)

So, what does planning your wedding with climate change in mind mean?

You aren’t planning a wedding 10 years in the future, so it’s not about choosing the venue that won’t be under water for example.

It’s about knowing what the possible problems are that you could face and making the decisions that make most sense given that.

So, let’s take California for example.

Wildfires were always a common occurrence. And there has always been a wildfire season. But it’s gotten much worse over the past few years.

The amount of destruction is both devastating and mind blowing. And these wildfires have affected countless weddings (and of course lives).

Because it’s not just where the fire is taking place and if your venue is at risk, it’s also the smoke and air quality.

And that affects your wedding and if it can even take place.

And it only seems to be getting worse.

Which means couples are planning for wildfires. Because they have to.

Especially if they’re having a wedding during wildfire season in an area that has been affected in the past like wine country.

But, it’s not just wildfires.

If you’re getting married in an area that is prone to hurricanes, there are more hurricanes now. And you have to plan your wedding with those hurricanes in mind.

Or if your wedding is in area that is already naturally hot, temperatures are rising and so picking a cooler season will be better.

You have to think about the area you’re getting married in (or thinking about getting married in) and it’s particular climate change issues.

And then you have to plan your wedding with those issues in mind.

Beach wedding ceremony at a private estate in Hawaii by Destination wedding planner Mango Muse Events
(Photo credit: What a Day! Photography)

So, how do you plan your wedding with climate change in mind?

It’s about including climate change as one more factor in your decisions.

You want to think about climate change before choosing a location. And if you’ve already chosen your location, think about how those issues will or could affect your wedding.

You want to make sure you choose the right season for your wedding and understand the risks associated.

It means having a plan B. That important backup plan should things go awry.

Which also means making sure your wedding contracts cover you in the event of disaster.

But it’s also about knowing what your decisions could mean for your wedding.

Because it can affect your budget, which venue and vendors you choose, if your guests attend and your plans for the day.

How much risk you want to take is of course, completely up to you.

But no matter what, you want to make your decisions with your eyes wide open.

So that you know what you’re potentially getting yourself into and what your plans are to protect your wedding.

And of course we can help you to plan for climate change issues and protect your wedding! And if something were to happen, we’ll help you through that too.

Contact us today and put your mind and wedding at ease.

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