Making The Case For The Non-Traditional Wedding

Weddings are by nature all about traditions.

There’s everything from the white dress to the something blue to cultural and religious traditions. There’s vows, rings, wedding parties, and first dances.

If you think about it, almost all the things you naturally think about when you think about a wedding are wedding traditions.

But, what if you’re non-traditional?

Or what if you like some wedding traditions, but not all? Or you want to include some traditions, but in a different way?

Enter the non-traditional wedding!

Now you might be thinking, well, I don’t necessarily want a fully non-traditional wedding…

Or you might be thinking, I don’t want a wedding that’s strange or off the wall…

Don’t be afraid!

A non-traditional wedding doesn’t have to be completely devoid of tradition. And a non-traditional wedding doesn’t mean it’s a weird or strange wedding (by the way, there’s also nothing wrong with weird or strange).

It just means it’s not traditional.

It means not everything you incorporate or do is expected.

You’re looking to create a wedding that expresses your personalities and values. You want to be a little more creative and color outside the lines. You want to play a bit and have some fun.

And you should!

Because your wedding should be as unique as the love you share.

So, let’s talk about the non-traditional wedding, what that looks like, what you can do and a crucial planning tip you need to know.

What a non-traditional wedding really looks like

So the concept of a non-traditional might still be a little fuzzy to you. So, let’s talk about what this looks like in real life.

They’re actually more common than you realize.

A destination wedding is a non-traditional wedding. A multi-cultural wedding or LGBTQ+ wedding is a non-traditional wedding. And an elopement or micro wedding is a non-traditional wedding.

Now these are just examples of types of weddings, but they’re all non-traditional by nature. Because they’re different.

They color outside the normal wedding lines.

But it’s not just the type of wedding you’re having that makes it non-traditional.

It’s also what you choose to include or not include in the wedding.

That could be choosing not to have a wedding party or not have dancing. It could be choosing to get married at sunrise or having zero toasts. It could be choosing to walk down the aisle by yourself or wearing a black dress at your wedding.

A non-traditional wedding doesn’t have a set look or style or type.

It’s not only for creative people or those who self identify as different.

It’s for everyone and anyone who wants a wedding that plays with wedding traditions, whether a little bit or a lot.

How to create a non-traditional wedding

So, first of all, there is no right or wrong way to create your non-traditional wedding.

Once again, you can include as many or as few traditions as you please. You can change them all, or just some.

You are free to color outside the normal wedding lines and create a wedding that not only reflects your style but your personalities and what you value.

And that can take shape in so many different ways from decor to food to the timing and flow to the location to the guests you invite.

We spoke recently with Blue Nile about traditions and fun wedding ideas for LGBTQ+ weddings. And one of the tips we shared was that outside of taking care of your guests, there really isn’t anything you can’t do!

Let yourself have fun, play and be creative!

One of the ideas I personally love are when couples create their own wedding traditions.

Every couple’s story and journey and relationship is different.

Part of what I do is help to bring that into their wedding. And I love it when we incorporate one of their traditions or a little known detail of their relationship.

Even if it seems a little quirky or weird!

Because it usually ends up being one of the most memorable parts.

So, think about something you share or a part of your relationship or journey that’s important to you.

Even if the idea seems a little weird, I bet there’s a fun way to incorporate it into your wedding. And I bet it’s something your guests would enjoy learning and being a part of too.

And it will not only make your wedding personal and meaningful, but fun, unique and memorable as well.

The important wedding planning tip you need to know

Newlyweds jumping for joy at their Caribbean destination wedding in Anguilla by destination wedding planner Mango Muse Events

Unfortunately, here’s one huge obstacle that can stand in your way when it comes to creating your non-traditional wedding.

That’s your wedding planner and your wedding vendors.

Or in other words, the team that supports your wedding and makes it happen.

Why you ask?

Because if they’re not on board, all your plans and ideas can go out the window.

Because they’re the experts, right?!

Yes, they are. But, there are different wedding planners for a reason!

Not everyone is a good fit.

So, it’s absolutely crucial that you work with a wedding planner and with wedding vendors who get you.

You need a team that is not only open to new ideas, but encourages it!

And your wedding planner, specifically, is there to make sure that your decisions, whether big or small, always reflect who you are and what you care about.

They’ll be guiding you through out the entire process. And if they aren’t supportive of non-traditional ideas, you’ll never be able to create the wedding you want.

Because you’ll end up being convinced to have a wedding that just doesn’t fit you. Or you’ll constantly be butting heads.

Neither of which you want!

So, one of the most important decisions you’ll make for your wedding is choosing your wedding planner.

Because they’ll also be guiding you to your wedding vendors. And if your wedding planner isn’t the right fit, your wedding vendors won’t be either.

So, make sure whomever you choose gets you and the vibe of the non-traditional wedding you want. Make sure their values and philosophy match yours.

If you do that, you’ll be in good shape! And then you can create the non-traditional wedding that you really want.

And of course if you’re digging our vibe, we’d love to help you! You can learn more about us here and a consultation is always free.

P.S. We love non-traditional weddings! If you didn’t already figure that out. 😉

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