Wedding Wednesday Q&A: What If You’re Not Ready For A Big Wedding?

Wedding Wednesday Q&A wedding planning questions answered by Destination wedding planner Mango Muse Events

Q: I live in California and things are starting to really open up here with a full reopening planned for June 15th. While I’m happy that we’re doing well and excited about being able to really start planning my wedding, I’m still nervous. I’m nervous that things will get worse again like in other parts of the country and world. And I’m still nervous about guests getting sick. Everyone I know is planning vacations, parties and weddings. And even though I’m now vaccinated, the thought of traveling or being around that many people makes me nervous. I want to start planning my wedding and I know I should, but what if I’m just not ready yet?

First off, I want you to know that you’re not alone. There are a lot of people who feel the exact same way.

And it’s not surprising.

Think about it, we’ve been in safety lockdown mode for over a year!

For over a year you’ve been making decisions constantly with COVID and safety on your mind. That fear and anxiety that not only could you get COVID, but you could spread it unknowingly, has been a constant weight.

It’s like we’ve been in hibernation. And only now are we starting to emerge from the cave.

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So, even though things are better and vaccinations are happening, those feelings don’t just immediately go away.

There is going to be an adjustment.

There has to be.

And it’s going to be different for everyone.

Because COVID and anything COVID related is all about personal comfort level.

Everyone’s situation is different and everyone feels differently about the risk.

So, while it is great that California is doing well (and I’m very happy about that too). And things are opening up and going back to normal, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re ready to go back to normal.

That doesn’t mean you’re ready for the big wedding.

And that’s ok!

You don’t have to start planning if you’re not ready. If the whole idea of planning and a big wedding still makes you nervous, hold off for a while.

Outside of your own reasons, there is no reason why you have to start planning right this moment.

So wait if that’s what feels best.

But, I also want you to know that there are other options!

Option #1 – Plan Farther Out

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The first is you can start planning now, but just pick a wedding date farther out.

Part of what makes you nervous right now is that you’re just emerging from the cave.

So, planning a big wedding this year is probably too soon. But if your wedding is taking place next year (or even the year after), by then you will feel much more comfortable.

Because you just need time to adjust.

So picking a date farther out, gives you that time to get comfortable and to be excited about being with a large group of people again.

And starting to plan now allows you time to plan! Not to mention time to find vendors which is a little more difficult than usual given the demand.

But there’s also a second option…

Option #2 – Go Small

You can plan a smaller wedding.

If the idea of a big wedding just doesn’t feel right anymore, go small! Micro weddings are very trendy right now, but they’re also tons of fun.

And they’re way more intimate.

A micro wedding might be the answer to that nervous feeling you have.

Because not only will it feel more comfortable to plan right now, but you’re also guaranteed to feel good about it when your wedding day rolls around.

And that might be just what you need to put you at ease. And help you to start planning without anxiety.

But it doesn’t matter what you choose to do.

Whether you wait, you plan farther out or you go small, it’s just about making the decision you feel comfortable with.

Remember, it’s ok to take it slow.

Be forgiving of yourself and take the step you feel comfortable with.

Even if that step is waiting for a little bit longer.

And don’t forget we’re here to help as well! Getting help with your planning will also make you feel less anxious because you can rely on our expertise.

And we can take it slow as well. Contact us today to start the conversation and let us help you through this.

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