Wedding Spring Cleaning in 5 Steps

This last year has been different for all of us. COVID not only changed our lives, but how we viewed it as well.

COVID has essentially forced us to assess and in many cases, rethink our lives.

And that’s not a bad thing.

While there was a lot of bad that came with COVID, this was one of the good things.

Because it’s put everything in clearer focus – what we need, what we want, what we care about.

It got us to see past all the extraneous stuff.

And focus on the important stuff.

And this same focus has also affected weddings.

Because what you want has changed.

What you value has changed.

How you want to spend your money has changed.

So to help you make sense of all these changes, it’s the perfect time to do some spring cleaning for your wedding.

Whether you started planning a couple of years ago or just a couple of months ago, some wedding spring cleaning will do you some good.

Because with things opening up and weddings coming back in a big way, it’s a great time to make sure you’re planning the wedding you want NOW.

So let’s get started…

5 Step Wedding Spring Cleaning

Fun and elegant black and white lace wedding dress with sleeves for a Calistoga Ranch wine country wedding by destination wedding planner Mango Muse Events
(Photo credit: Kate Webber)

Step #1 – Pull Everything Out

So you’re going to want to think of cleaning your wedding, like cleaning out your closet. And you start with pulling everything out.

Because you can’t assess what you have until you can see it all.

Even if you’ve just started planning, you likely have more stuff than you realize.

But that’s hard to see until you pull it all out.

So, pull EVERYTHING out.

That means pulling out your wedding binder, your notebook, your laptop and your spreadsheets, notes and proposals.

But it also means pulling out things like your decor, attire and inspiration photos.

Step #2 – Assess Every Item

Now that you have everything out from your guest list to your shoes, it’s time to take a look at each item individually.

So just like you’d hold up a shirt in the light to look at it, you want take a look at each wedding item in the light.

And not just look at it, but also try it on.

Because while some things you can assess by just looking at it, most items you’ll have to dig a little deeper.

And you want to make sure what you have (and what you keep) is a good fit.

So, take a look at each item and ask yourself:

Do you still love it? Does it make you happy? Does it represent the two of you well? And does it align and make sense with what you care about now?

Guest cheering at a wedding ceremony at Cornerstone Sonoma by destination wedding planner Mango Muse Events
(Photo credit: Arrowood Photography)

Step #3 – Put Items Into Piles

As you start assessing each item you’ll want to put them into different piles or groups.

And 3 piles to be exact:

The keep pile, which are items that are still a good fit.

The discard pile, which are items that are no longer a good fit.

And the adjust pile, which are items that you want to keep, but that need some work.

You group it in this way so you can easily figure out your next steps.

Or in other words, what you need to work on.

So that once you’re done you know exactly what to do next.

Step #4 – Review

Once you have your piles, then it’s time to do a review.

And this isn’t taking each item out again, but doing a review from 20,000 feet.

Take a look at what you have left, what you’re keeping and adjusting and make sure it feels good. If it doesn’t, reassess as needed until it does.

Then look at your discard pile and make sure you’re comfortable with throwing it away. In some cases throwing it away might just mean that you’re not moving forward with a certain idea. But in others, it might mean losing some money (like a deposit).

For the latter in particular, you want to make sure you’re not only aware of that, but ok with it before you move forward.

Because if you’re not, you’ll want to reassess and see if that item(s) could maybe work in the adjust pile instead.

Step #5 – Clean Up

So you’ve pulled everything out, assessed it, grouped it and reviewed it. Now it’s time to tidy up.

You’ve got these piles sitting in front of you and it’s time to take action.

Put away the keep pile, as that’s staying put. And then start in the discard pile.

You want to remove these items so that you have less clutter. But there might be items that require a some work in order to discard it.

Take those steps so that your discard pile can be removed from your mind and your wedding.

Once you do then you’ll have the brain space to tackle the adjust pile. Because this one will likely take the longest as you’ll need to make tweaks in order to get each item to a good place to keep.

But once you’ve taken those steps, then you’ll be in good shape to start working on new things. Just make sure anything you add automatically falls into the keep pile.

Doing a wedding spring cleaning is good for you, especially after the last year we had.

It ensures the decisions you’ve made are in line with what you care about.

Because that may have changed. And if so, your wedding may need to change too.

A wedding spring cleaning helps to make sure you’re planning the wedding you want now. Follow these steps and you’ll be on your way!

And of course if you need some help spring cleaning or how to proceed after you do, contact us today. We can help in so many different ways.

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