The Future of Weddings

As we dive into a new year there is both excitement and hope. But, it’s also still a very weird and uncertain COVID world. So as we continue to grapple with unknowns, we also look to the future.

And the future of weddings is going to be different.

Because COVID has changed the world forever.

It’s changed so many things about how we live and interact. And part of that is weddings and celebrations.

So, let’s take a journey into the future and what we see for weddings in the years to come.

The Future Of Weddings and Events

Why we celebrate

So, why do we celebrate? Because life decisions and achievements are important.

Because momentous occasions are an important way to remember the good in a world that can feel full of bad.

And COVID has made the why even more important.

Because we need the good! Because we need to commemorate the important moments, decisions and achievements.

It’s important to celebrate a marriage even if it was done online.

Just like it’s important to celebrate an engagement, birthday, anniversary, graduation, a new president, getting through a year of online schooling, or just making it through the week.

Of course, some celebrations are bigger, louder and grander than others, but it’s still important to celebrate.

Because it’s a big deal. To find someone you love and want to share your life with is BIG.

And your wedding is also something good to look forward to both for yourselves and for your loved ones.

Why we celebrate has become even more important and will continue to be important in the future.

Which means more celebrating is to come!

When we celebrate

At first when COVID hit, weddings and celebrations were postponed and pushed to a future date. But as time went on, waiting wasn’t worth it.

People didn’t want to let the moment and their lives go by.

As we head into the future, I believe that same mentality will prevail and we’ll see shorter engagements.

Because life is precious and so very short. At any time your life could change dramatically.

We’ve been given stark proof of this over the last year.

And so for many it doesn’t make sense to wait.

So the time to celebrate is now!

Even if that means your celebration looks or operates a little differently.

And celebrating your wedding doesn’t mean you have to have an over the top celebration, but it means you need to celebrate because it’s important to do so.

And it’s important to do so now.

Where we celebrate

Just like so many things, where we celebrate has changed and we’ve had to adapt in these COVID times.

But those changes are not all for the bad.

Celebrations moved online and outdoors in different shapes and forms. And those methods will continue into the future in a big way.

I believe all weddings will have some virtual component in the future whether it’s a large wedding being live-streamed for some virtual guests or a recording of an elopement shared a few hours later or a destination wedding where for the majority of the guests, it’s a virtual wedding.

Having the ability and flexibility to connect and celebrate with guests all over the world is so important.

And this will evolve over time, but it will be a integral part of any wedding going forward.

In addition, outdoor weddings will also continue to be big.

They were always highly desired, but their popularity will increase even more so.

Because we want to be outside, it’s what we crave. The fresh air, the breeze, the sun and the space.

So, celebrating outside in a beautiful place with a beautiful backdrop is key, even if it’s just for the ceremony.

In particular, we’ll be seeing more non-traditional, creative and intimate outdoor ceremony spots. Everything from front porches and backyards to mountain tops and secluded gardens.

Outdoor spaces that are fun and intimate and speak to the couple in some way is what couples are looking for.

Bride and groom enjoying the sunset by the lake at their mountain wedding at a private estate in Tahoe by destination wedding planner Mango Muse Events
(Photo credit: Anita Martin)

Who we celebrate with

COVID has made us all focus on what’s important. It’s gotten us to really focus on what matters.

And what matters is people.

And through this pandemic we’ve learned how important it is to care for all people, not just the people you know and love, but those you’ve never even met.

But while our view has expanded, it’s also shrunk at the same time.

Because we’ve also realized that there are people you just can’t live without. Being separated has put our relationships into clearer focus.

Which means who you want to celebrate with has also changed.

And so, guest lists are changing.

Not just because of COVID restrictions on gatherings, but because wedding guest lists are becoming more focused on relationships. And the closeness of those relationships.

And this means future weddings will be smaller, more intimate and more people focused.

How we celebrate

Everything we’ve been talking about has lead to a change in how we celebrate.

And weddings and celebrations are now just much more intentional. And we’ll see this going forward for future weddings as well.

They’re thoughtful and focused on what’s important.

They’re about celebrating here and now and being in the moment.

But they’re also very guest-centric and focused on taking care of others.

Weddings are less selfish and much more caring.

Which also extends to gifts and giving to others. For those who are lucky to have what they need, they’re using their wedding to give back.

Not just to people who need help right now, but to causes and changes they want to see in the world.

Bride and groom hugging at their beach wedding in Hawaii by destination wedding planner Mango Muse Events
(Photo credit: What A Day! Photography)

What we celebrate

Which brings us full circle to what we celebrate. Which is love.

No matter what that looks like. No matter when or where or who or how.

Love is love.

And celebrating that love is so important. Because that love is special.

But this also extends beyond weddings.

Because all celebrations are celebrations of love.

And the good we’ve experienced during COVID has all been about love.

If you really think about it, it’s true!

So, as we celebrate love, I for one am excited for the future of weddings!

I know COVID is a lingering cloud that hangs over our heads, but it’s also given us a lot to be thankful for.

And I think that’s made us as people better and weddings better.

And I’m excited for that to continue for future weddings as well. I hope you are too.

And if you are, and need some help to create your thoughtful wedding, we’d love to help. You can contact us here.

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