The Good, the Bad and the Hope

What year 2020 has been. It’s been a crazy one for sure.

Full of all kinds of difficult emotions.

And even though it’s been a hard year, it wasn’t all bad.

So, come and join me as we take a journey through 2020 with the good, the bad and the hope.

And let’s start with the good…


We kicked off the year with some amazing news. The same sex elopement we planned and designed in Amsterdam was published in the Knot.

This was super exciting! Not only because we saw our work showcased, but because we got to make this surprise elopement a reality. And it was thrilling to share it with the world.

These two ladies were so in love and it was all just meant to be.

Now of course COVID changed everything (which we’ll get to with the bad), and given everything going on we needed to get creative. Because it was the only way we were going to survive.

So, Let’s I Do this! was born.

This gave us a chance for us to help couples who didn’t want to wait to get married.

And it gave couples a chance to get married and still have an amazing wedding day, one that was just as special and unique. And also full of all the great emotion and interaction that you expect and want in your wedding.

With both virtual weddings and intimate wedding packages, couples didn’t have to wait months or years to do it.

It was exciting to partner with some amazing professionals in the San Francisco Bay Area. And it felt so good to collectively bring a fun and safe way to get married during COVID.

Let's I Do this! virtual weddings and social distance weddings by wedding planner Mango Muse Events

Along with Let’s I Do this!, Passport to Joy also became even more important as couples were looking for both guidance and way to plan their weddings completely virtually.

We started our Youtube channel at the beginning of the year to share helpful and useful wedding planning tips for couples planning a wedding on their own.

And this platform became a great way to help couples through a difficult year.

It’s been fun sharing more video tips in this new format and being able to help even more couples than before.

How to make your virtual wedding special Youtube video. with wedding planning tips by professional wedding planner Mango Muse Events creator of Passport to Joy

In addition to all we were doing for couples, we also got to help some past clients with their special occasions.

This was especially fun to be able to not only plan something joyous, but to help these families celebrate.

It’s something we all needed this year and it definitely brought joy.


So, that was the good. Now comes the bad…

Which really just takes the form of Rona.

Yup, good ole Rona.

It was a hard year for many.

And for engaged couples, it was heartbreaking.

Having to postpone, cancel and adjust a wedding, sometimes multiple times was so immensely stressful and sad.

Then came all the inevitable questions…

What can you do and what can’t you? What is safe and what isn’t? Can your vendor move to your new date and what happens if not? Does your deposit transfer over? And what happens if your vendor goes out of business?

And the questions go on and on.

Add that to all the uncertainty about what a 2020 wedding looks like or what a 2021 or 2022 wedding would look like and the constantly changing situation, it was completely overwhelming.

It was hard to plan anything, let alone know what to even do.

Groom making funny faces at a San Francisco wedding by destination wedding planner Mango Muse Events
(Photo credit: Jerry Yoon Photographers)

But it couples weren’t the only ones affected by COVID.

For the event and wedding industry it’s been catastrophic.

Our industry is all about gatherings and when those can’t happen, our industry shuts down.

Because even with pivots and other types of work, the massive loss of income means we collectively are struggling.

So many wedding businesses have closed. Long time employees that are more like family have been furloughed or laid off. And people have had to move, sell houses and more.

We’re all just trying to stay afloat, myself included.

Which by the way, is one of the many reasons why you should support small wedding and event businesses today! We could really use your help!

Which leads me to…


Usually after the bad comes the ugly. And there certainly is a lot of that in the world.

But, even with everything going on, I still have hope.

We don’t know what the future brings. We don’t know how long this COVID life will last.

But, I have hope that there are brighter days ahead.

And it’s not just because we have vaccines now.

Don’t get me wrong, having vaccines is amazing! But, it’s not just that.

I have hope that things will get better. And I have hope that things will work out, somehow.

Even if it looks different. Even if it’s not what you ever imagined.

I mean who could have guessed how fun a virtual wedding or a small celebration at home could be?

Bride chatting via live stream video with guests who couldn't attend her international San Francisco wedding by destination wedding planner Mango Muse Events
(Photo credit: Jerry Yoon Photographers)

A saying that got used a lot this year is that it’s going to get worse before it gets better. While we may be in the worse right now, that just means it’s going to get better.

And I believe that.

And when it does, all those things you miss like hugs, sharing food and weddings will be so much sweeter.

So, with that hope is how I leave you and close out this crazy year.

Thanks for being here and being a part of the Mango Muse Events family. I so very much appreciate you.

And I wish us all a much better, happier and healthier 2021.

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