5 Fun Winter Wedding Ideas That Will Make You Want a Winter Wedding

When it comes to the most popular time of the year to get married, summer usually takes the cake. Because it’s warm and sunny. Flowers are in bloom and people tend to have time off from school and work.

Fall and spring are close behind in popularity and also get a lot of love. In fact, fall weddings are so loved that they’re now almost overtaking summer weddings.

But the least popular time of year to get married is winter.

Winter is like the runt of the family. The misshapen fruit or the tortilla chip without the nacho goodies on it that everyone avoids. The last kid to get picked for the dodgeball team.

Let’s be honest, winter kind of gets the shaft.

But, you shouldn’t overlook a winter wedding!

It can be such a fun time to get married. And you don’t have to be having a holiday wedding or a snowy wedding in a ski resort town.

There are other fun winter wedding ideas and we’ve got 5 to share with you! You’ll be so excited to try one of these, a winter wedding could become your #1 choice!

5 Fun Winter Wedding Ideas

Winter Wedding Idea #1 – Light it up!

Bride and groom at a nighttime ceremony for a Hawaii destination wedding at Lanikuhonua by Destination wedding planner, Mango Muse Events
(Photo credit: What a Day! Photography)

One of the things people hate about winter is how dark it gets and how it gets dark so early. But, it’s actually a great thing!

Because only when it’s dark, can you have fun with lights!

And we all know how magical lights can be. Everything from simply lighting up a tree trunk to decking out a lawn, garden or house, is so much fun to see and be around.

It’s why holiday lights are so fun to see and look at.

Because lights just light everything up!

And don’t just mean functionally. It helps create a fun atmosphere that everyone enjoys.

And winter is the best time because you could have almost your whole wedding in the dark. Think of the magical ceremony and reception you could have all beautifully lit up.

It would certainly be one to remember.

Winter Wedding Idea #2 – Make a color statement

It’s true that winter time can be kind of colorless. But instead of being bummed about that, think of it as a blank slate.

A white wall that you can do anything with.

This is a chance to play with color and have it really make a statement.

You can wear something bold, bright or punchy. Have your guests wear color too and make it a really colorful affair.

You can also fill the space and use decor with tons of color as well.

Or you can go the exact opposite route.

All white or all black would be exceptionally striking in a winter wedding. Whether it’s what you or your guests are wearing or how you play with decor, the modern take would be visually stunning.

Winter Wedding Idea #3 – Celebrate bare

Bare trees with string lights at Filoli, a winter wedding idea by SF Bay Area wedding planner Mango Muse Events

Another trait of winter that many don’t enjoy are all the dead things or things that go into hibernation. Like how winter can be colorless, it can also feel bare.

But bare is beautiful! Ever notice how a tree without leaves is stunning?

The shapes, the lines, and the details you don’t normally notice really come through in winter.

And you can play that up and really make it special.

It’s like how a natural makeup look is so beautiful because it just enhances what already is great.

You can do the same with your space whether it’s with lights or flowers or something else entirely. You can use those lines and shapes in your stationery, in your decor, on your tables.

And if you’re a minimalist, this is the perfect way to express that. Take inspiration from the surroundings and celebrate simplicity.

Winter Wedding Idea #4 – Go for comfort

Fun firepit at an outdoor beach wedding in Half Moon Bay at restaurant La Costanera by destination wedding planner Mango Muse Events
(Photo credit: Strotz Photography)

Because of the cold weather and dark nights, winter is all about being cozy. It’s something we all crave during this time of the year.

So, a winter wedding gives you a chance to really amp up the comfort and cozy.

And not only will it be fun, but your guests will love it too!

Create warmth with firepits, blankets and comfortable seating. Wear sneakers instead of heels. Serve a variety of hot drinks.

You can even bring in all the foods and drinks that bring you comfort so that it’s both personal and meaningful as well.

And if you’re having a micro wedding, why not create some custom comforts for each of your guests? How special would that be?!

Your loved ones would really get a kick out of that.

Winter Wedding Idea #5 – Do as the locals do

A Hawaiian wedding ceremony for a destination wedding in Hawaii by destination wedding planner Mango Muse Events
(Photo credit: What a Day! Photography)

So, we’ve been talking about all the great things about winter, but what if you’re just not a fan of winter no matter what?

Winter is one of the best times to have a destination wedding somewhere warm, tropical or just different from what your winter is like.

It’s a chance to not only escape your winter, but to celebrate in a different way.

And do as the locals do!

So can embrace what the winter looks and feels like in the destination you’re in. That could be with the decor, the food, the traditions, the attire, the music and more.

Your winter wedding will be a fun departure from the winter and wedding you normally experience.

And let’s be honest, it will be fun and different for your guests too!

I know a winter wedding is not usually a couple’s first choice. But, winter weddings are the dark horse!

Because there is so much you can do with a winter wedding that’s both fun, personal and not cliche.

And because it’s the least desired season, it’s also the most unexpected and can be absolutely unique.

If one our 5 fun winter wedding ideas inspired you, we’re glad! And of course we’d be happy to help you create it and make it personalized just for you. Contact us today to get started.

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