The New Elopement: The Definition And What It Really Means

When I say the word elopement, what comes to mind?

Perhaps two people running off to get married in secret? Maybe they’re defying their parents. Or they’re knocked up. Or maybe they don’t want a wedding.

Maybe you think of somewhere tropical or remote with a short ceremony surrounded by nature.

Or maybe you think of going to the courthouse and tying the knot in the simplest way.

Whatever your idea of an elopement is, you’re not wrong! All these examples are elopements.

But, elopements are also SO much more.

Your elopement can be out in the open where you tell people ahead of time.

You can even have guests!

Elopements don’t have to be just the two of you. You can include a few friends and family if you like.

Your elopement doesn’t have to be somewhere far away.

You don’t have to travel somewhere to have an elopement. You can elope in your backyard (literally).

And your elopement doesn’t have to be at a courthouse.

You can certainly have a simple, no fuss elopement. But, you don’t need to be at a courthouse to get it.

Elopements also don’t have to be shotgun affair, be only a ceremony or be a rebellious choice.

The older connotations and ideas of elopements are no longer the full picture.

Yes, those definitions and examples still apply.

But, elopements have evolved.

Elopements are not frowned upon or a 2nd place choice. Or something you did just to save money or defy your parents.

The definition has changed and elopements are many things now.

But, most importantly, they’re special.

An elopement is a way to get married to the one you love in a way that’s very intimate and private.

The keywords being very intimate because that’s what makes an elopement, an elopement!

Because not everyone wants to be in front of all their friends and family when they say “I Do”. Not everyone likes all eyes and attention on them.

And not everyone wants to share this special moment with others.

Yes, I know… that goes against the grain of weddings and how they operate.

Which is why elopements can feel like they have a little bit of a taint on them. Just like any wedding that is non-traditional (e.g. destination weddings).

But, just because it’s different, doesn’t mean it’s not both a good choice and a lovely one.

The key thing here is that it’s YOUR CHOICE.

You have to make the decision (with your partner) and choose the right type of wedding for you. And if you want an elopement, that’s a good choice!

And just like a “normal” wedding, your elopement can be what you want it to be!

Guests or no guests. Somewhere exotic or somewhere familiar. Lush decor and design or simplicity. Outdoors or indoors. Just a ceremony or more!

The great thing about the new elopement is that there are so many more options now.

There are so many different services, packages and vendors who are able to create this amazing, intimate wedding experience.

And all you have to do is make the decision to have one and start planning!

Because yes there is still some planning involved. Because you do want it to be special and it should be!

And of course we can help you with your elopement. We’re getting a ton of requests for elopements both with and without a virtual wedding and we’d love to help you as well!

Contact us today!

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