The #1 Reason Why You Should Have a Micro Wedding

Have you heard the term micro wedding? If you have, I’m sure you’ve seen the many articles, venues and vendors using the term.

And if not, here’s your introduction!

Now while people use the term micro wedding pretty loosely and in different ways, here’s the actual definition…

A micro wedding is essentially a smaller version of a wedding.

It includes a ceremony and reception and all the moments and elements. But, it’s smaller, usually for a group of no more than 30 (but can be up to 50) guests.

And micro weddings are all the rage right now!

And for good reason.

Because with COVID, gatherings are risky. So, the smaller you keep your group, the safer it is.

And since micro weddings are small weddings, it’s a great option!

Keeping you, your loved ones and the community safe is one of the biggest reasons why you should have a micro wedding.

But, there’s an even bigger reason.

A reason that matters with or without COVID.

#1 Reason Why You Should Have A Micro Wedding

So, why should you have a micro wedding? Because a micro wedding is intentional.

And having an intentional wedding is something I know you really care about.

Because you don’t just want a wedding. You want YOUR wedding. One that is personal, meaningful and creates an experience (and memories) for you and your guests.

It’s not about the stuff.

It’s about the people.

And while right now keeping people safe is a huge priority, a micro wedding goes beyond that.

With a micro wedding, because your guest list is small, it’s super curated. This means you’re only celebrating with people who know you intimately.

This isn’t the entire office crew or the Aunts and Uncles you never talk to or the cousins you’ve met once or the big group of friends you feel obligated to invite.

These are the people who really know you, who know your partner, who know you both.

And because of that, a micro wedding is super intimate.

You get the chance to spend time with everyone, literally everyone.

That’s hard to do with any wedding over 50, or even weddings over 30.  If you’ve ever attended a wedding, you know what I mean. You’re lucky if you even get to say hi to the couple and that’s about it.

Micro weddings allow for more connection and allow you to spend time with those you are closest to.

And that makes it more intentional.

But, there’s another reason why a micro wedding is more intentional.

Because it’s a smaller wedding it’s less of a production. So, the choices you make are inherently more intentional because you’re not planning a wedding for the masses.

The small, intimate group means you can make choices that work just for the small group.

Which means it’s more customized and more relevant to each person. Including you!

It’s more personal and you can do things and interact in ways that just wouldn’t work with a large group.

It’s like having a small dinner party or a gathering of friends at your home. You can converse easily and it’s a tailored experience.

Now as I said before, people use the term micro wedding pretty loosely.

So you might see it being used for a ceremony only package, an elopement, a wedding with only 10 guests or some other iteration. And yes, a micro wedding can also be a destination wedding!

But, don’t worry about the word and the exact definition.

What matters is that a micro wedding is really about being intentional.

Intentional with your decisions. Intentional with who you spend your time with. And intentional with the experience you create.

And honestly, it’s a great way to create a wedding.

Because it will result in amazing wedding, one that represents you and one you truly love.

Let us help you create your intentional micro wedding in whatever way makes sense for you! We promise to make the process super easy and enjoyable. Contact us today.

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