Virtual Wedding Ideas For a Fun Wedding

With COVID not going away anytime soon, you may be ready to start planning a virtual wedding or hybrid wedding (both in person and virtual).

It’s definitely a safe way to get married and celebrate now.

And there are many reasons why a virtual wedding is a good idea.

But, it is a different type of wedding.

And you’re likely wondering, is it going to be fun? How do I make a virtual wedding fun?

Don’t worry! We’ve got some fun virtual wedding ideas that will not only excite you, but will be tons of fun for your guests.

5 Fun Virtual Wedding Ideas


Guest holding wedding trivia game at a wedding reception in Yosemite by destination wedding planner Mango Muse Events
(Photo credit: Mary Meck Weddings)

Games are always fun. Because they get people interacting, laughing and many times learning something new about someone else.

It’s why people use them as ice breakers. Because it’s an easy way to get people to work and talk to each other.

And we’re all craving connection and interaction. So, playing a game is fun way to have more of that in your wedding.

And your virtual wedding gives you a chance to create your own game.

Trivia is an easy game to play and make your own. But, if you’re a fan of Pictionary, Scattergories or Charades or some other game, you can tweak it to fit your wedding.

If you’re a video game lover, this could also be a chance to bring that in as well.

Making your game will be fun for you and playing it adds a lot of fun to your virtual wedding for your guests. It’s also a bit unexpected, so that’s makes it fun too.

And if you need some help creating your game, contact us! We love making games, it’s fun past time of ours.


Part of what makes a wedding fun is mingling and talking to old friends, family or meeting someone new. But when you have a virtual wedding, that can be tricky to do.

Enter virtual tables!

You can create “dinner” or “cocktail” tables made up of small groups of guests where they can easily chat.

Because there are always people who monopolize the conversation and those who just stay on mute. Small groups of people gives everyone a chance to speak.

Guests can also move between tables if there are other people they want to talk to.

And you and your partner can virtually walk around and say hi to everyone too which is lots of fun.

Just make sure you have a professional host to help you with this as the tech side is just as important as creating your tables.


Photobooths have become a staple in weddings because they give guests a chance to be silly! You can ham it up, make faces, play with props and get a nice little keepsake from the wedding.

But did you know you can have a virtual photobooth at your virtual wedding?

One of our vendor friends (and partners at Let’s I Do this!), Giggle & Riot creates awesome virtual photobooths.

And they’re super fun and easy!

They’re still completely customizable to your wedding and theme so it will still be very personal. And you can even add-on virtual backdrops, GIF and boomerang capabilities, and virtual props.

But the best part is that this is a way to make your virtual wedding fun not only for your guests, but for yourselves!

Because you still get to be silly. You can still create awesome photobooth memories with your friends and family. And you can still have a great keepsake.

Giggle & Riot’s virtual booths will capture all the smiles from wedding guests near and far and bring some fun to your wedding. 

And it’s also a great activity to keep virtual guests entertained when there is the inevitable down time during transitions.


Who doesn’t love receiving a gift?

That would be no one!

It’s always fun to get a gift, especially when it’s a surprise.

And one way to bring some fun to your virtual wedding is with guest gifts.

We love sending items that connect to the wedding whether that’s a meal, a drink, photobooth props (for your virtual photobooth), flowers or other small details.

They’re not only fun, but they also help create more interaction and bring your guests into your wedding.

Guest gifts help make your virtual guests feel a part of your wedding as opposed to just watching it. And that’s what helps to create a fun experience.

And during these difficult times, it’s also another way to show you care and say I love you.


What part of a wedding is the most popular and most loved by guests?

The dance party.

It’s the time where you get to let loose, sing, dance, drink and just have fun.

So, don’t forget to include the dance party in your virtual wedding!

You can have a professional DJ spinning tunes with awesome audio quality just like at an in person wedding.

You can boogie down with your friends and family.

And you can even share drinks and create a dance floor with disco lights (other fun guest gift ideas)!

Your virtual dance party can be just as awesome as an in person one, but also totally safe.

And it gives you and your guests a chance to feel the joy of letting loose. And we could all use some of that too!

Just because you’re apart doesn’t mean your virtual wedding can’t be tons of fun.

Use these fun virtual wedding ideas and you and your guests will have a ball!

And don’t forget we can help! You can check out our easy Let’s I Do this! virtual wedding packages for weddings in the Bay Area. Or if you’re looking for something completely custom, contact us here.

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