Wedding Wednesday Q&A: How To Honor Your Destination Wedding in Your Virtual Wedding

Wedding Wednesday Q&A wedding planning questions answered by Destination wedding planner Mango Muse Events

Q: Our destination wedding has been postponed. But since we don’t know when it will be safe again to travel and have the wedding we want, we’ve decided to get married now. We’re having a virtual wedding so all our guests can attend. But, I’d like to still honor the destination wedding we were going to have. Is there an easy way to do that?

First off, I think you’re making a great decision.

Because you’re right, we don’t know when travel and weddings will be back to normal. And unfortunately, I don’t think it’s realistically going to be for a while.

Getting married now means you don’t have to wait and it will put less pressure on your destination wedding as well.

I also love that you want to honor your destination wedding in your virtual wedding! We’re doing that for some of our couples, so I’m glad you asked the question.

So, there are lots of fun ways you can include your destination wedding in your virtual wedding, but here are 5 easy ones below.

These ideas can also be used for any couple who has altered their destination wedding plans to have a hometown wedding instead. Or for a couple who had a hometown wedding planned and are now doing a virtual wedding.

5 Easy Ways to Honor your Destination Wedding in Your Virtual Wedding

Before we dive into the ideas, all of these ideas really stem from one major idea. Honoring your original destination wedding in your virtual wedding is about honoring the place, the culture and what you had originally planned.

Sometimes those 3 things are the same and sometimes not. But, if you keep those 3 things in mind, you could really bring your destination wedding into almost every aspect of your virtual wedding if you wanted.

And make sure you have fun with it! This is a chance to play and design and make your virtual wedding a true experience.


The first easy way to honor your destination wedding in your virtual wedding is with what you wear!

Now this can be what you as the couple wears or what you have your guests wear.

Either way could be fun! And of course, you can do both!

You could start off in your traditional wedding attire and then change into something that would have befit the place, the style or the culture. Or you could wear something destination inspired right from the beginning.

Your guests could wear what they had originally planned or something more on theme.

So, what does this look like? Think tropical resort wear for a Hawaii wedding. Or a fascinator hat for an English wedding. Or perhaps it’s the colors of an all-time favorite local sports team.

You can go a little more fun and funky since everyone will be in their homes and no one has to worry about packing or weather.


Mexican blanket inspired table runner for a colorful rehearsal dinner at Autocamp Yosemite by destination wedding planner Mango Muse Events

Another easy way to bring in your original wedding to your virtual wedding is with your decor.

You can bring your destination wedding into your decor in terms of style, colors, fabrics and textiles or flowers.

This can be the decor you use both in your home (or wherever you’re having the wedding) and for the wedding itself.

And you can bring this into something as simple as your bouquet or the ribbon used to tie it. Or it can be your entire ceremony setup!

You could used it in your invitation style or website design. Or it could be the inspiration for your cake design.

There are so many ways you can bring your destination wedding into the decor for your virtual wedding.

The possibilities are almost endless!


One of the easiest ways to honor your destination wedding in your virtual wedding is with your food.

Think about what you had planned for your welcome dinner, rehearsal dinner or your wedding meal.

Think about the flavors and individual food items that you selected or thought about.

I bet there were at least a few that are either more traditional or inspired by the destination. And I bet there are some food items in particular that you love that are associated with the destination.

Use those food items to either inspire your wedding meal or literally be in it!

Now, this could just be for the meal for yourselves, but I’d encourage you to think beyond that.

Let your guests experience it as well!

Give them a recipe to make or even better, send them something delicious to enjoy. Which leads me perfectly to…


Perfume as a welcome gift for a France Chateau wedding by Destination wedding planner Mango Muse Events
(Photo credit: Julia Winkler)

Guest gifts are one of the best ways to make your virtual wedding special and interactive. And it’s a such an easy and great way to bring in your destination wedding.

So, it could be with a meal you send your guests. Or it could be a drink. Or something else entirely.

Think about your welcome gifts and/or favors that you had planned as inspiration.

While you likely don’t want to send exactly what you had planned, you could send something similar, but more applicable to being at home.

Something to get them in the mood.

Because you want to get your guests excited to celebrate your wedding. So, pick items that will make your virtual wedding fun and share a little more about this place you love.

You picked the destination for a reason. Bring that into your gift.


Olive oil tasting set up for a wine country wedding in Sonoma by destination wedding planner Mango Muse Events
(Photo credit: Andria Lo Weddings)

The last easy way to honor your destination wedding in your virtual wedding is with a fun cultural experience.

Think of it like an activity outside of your wedding. One where you’d take your guests on a little excursion.

This is a chance to get your guests not only excited about your future destination wedding, but allow them to experience something new.

You can bring in a virtual cultural experience like some local live music or entertainment. You could learn how to make a local drink or do a special tasting (also another fun guest gift!).

Or why not a hands on local arts and crafts demonstration? You get to learn something, make something and get to keep it as well.

There are tons of different things you could incorporate that share not only something fun about the destination, but something you find interesting too.

And like with all the ideas, have fun with it!

Think about what you love, what you love about the destination and what you think would be fun for your guests.

Any ideas you come up with could be a great way to incorporate your destination wedding into your virtual wedding.

Need some help coming up with fun ideas for your virtual wedding or your destination wedding or both? Let us help you! Contact us today!

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