Let’s I Do this! Virtual Weddings

Ever since COVID-19 hit, we’ve been working with our couples to help them navigate this new world we’re living in. To help them figure out what to do next about their weddings.

At first we (like everyone else) didn’t know the full affect Coronavirus would have on our lives and on weddings.

But, now we do.

Because as medical professionals and scientists learned more, we learned more.

It’s crystal clear that gatherings and thus, weddings will not be coming back in the way that we know them until there is a vaccine or treatment.

So what this means is that weddings are on hold (i.e. postponed) indefinitely…

Unless we can find a way to celebrate now.

I’ve been working on a solution for the latter for some time now because I think it’s so important to celebrate now.

Besides the fact that we could all use some celebrating (myself included), the idea of having to wait to get married breaks my heart.

It makes me so sad.

It’s understandable why we can’t have “normal” weddings. And we definitely don’t want to put anyone we love or anyone we come into contact with in danger.

But, it’s still so sad. To have to put off this special moment, this sharing of your love is… incredibly sad.

But, what if there was another way?

Enter Let’s I Do this!

Let's I Do this! virtual weddings and social distance weddings by wedding planner Mango Muse Events

Let’s I Do this! is an easy, fun and special way to get married NOW with virtual weddings.

Because while you can DIY your virtual wedding, we can help make this day just as special as any other wedding. One where you can really just live in the moment as you normally would.

We shared this in our last post along with why you should have a virtual wedding. But, I wanted to officially shout it from the rooftops.

Because I’m so excited about Let’s I Do this!

I’m excited to help couples celebrate now. I’m excited to make this process easy and fun. And I’m excited to bring this fun alternative wedding to the San Francisco Bay Area.

Because you should be able to celebrate now AND be able to do it in a memorable way AND also not have to give up on your dream wedding.

Because there’s no reason why you can’t get married and celebrate now and also celebrate later.

Why not do both?! Especially if you’re having a destination wedding. Virtual weddings are the perfect opportunity to celebrate now and take the pressure off your destination wedding.

You can still have a destination wedding, but then you don’t have to worry about when you can travel and have a wedding. You can plan it for when it’s safe to do both.

So, if you’re an engaged couple living in the San Francisco Bay Area, Let’s I Do this!

Watch the video below and learn more here about our virtual wedding packages!

P.S. If you’re looking to celebrate another special event like a birthday, anniversary, graduation, shower, etc… our services can be tweaked for any type of celebration. Just reach out for more info.

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