How To Adjust Your Wedding Design Due to Your New Wedding Date

So, your wedding has been postponed and you now have a new wedding date. Did you ever think that would happen?

Probably not. But, it’s just the reality of our times.

And it’s happening to so many couples right now.

And while you’ve worked to reschedule with your vendors, you’re now faced with a new challenge.

Do you have to adjust your wedding design because of your new wedding date?

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And the answer is both yes and no.

If you created your unique wedding design based off of you and your partner, then you really shouldn’t need to change much (if at all).  Because who you two are and your story hasn’t changed. 

But other things might have changed which can affect your wedding design.

Like the season of your wedding.

While you may have picked a date a year from your original date, you also may not have.

And what was once a spring wedding is now a winter wedding. Or what once was a summer wedding is now a spring wedding, etc…

How a change in season can affect your wedding design

If your new wedding date has resulted in a season change, that will affect your wedding design.

Now, it still doesn’t affect the core of your design and what makes your wedding unique because once again, who you are hasn’t changed.

But, it will affect some of the details of your design. And you may need to rethink some of the original choices you made.

Because anything that was seasonally based will need some tweaking.

For example, flower choices are usually based on the season. Flowers available in spring may not be available in winter. While your overall design can remain the same, the specific flower choices will likely need to be adjusted.

Another example is your menu. If you created a seasonal farm to table type of menu, then obviously what’s in season will need to be adjusted. You can likely have similar dishes, but you’ll need to rethink the vegetables, sauces or preparation.

But you don’t have to do it alone! Set up a time to talk through these adjustments with your vendors and see what they recommend.

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Outside of seasonal items like food and flowers, you’ll also need to make sure you’re thinking about the season itself so that you and your guests are comfortable.

For a summer wedding you’re concerned about people being hot and for a winter wedding you’re concerned about people being cold. So, keeping the weather in mind in your choices will be important.

Which means you may need to tweak your food and drinks, rentals, attire and any additional details to make sure everyone is comfortable.

Lastly, a season change will also affect your schedule.

As the sunset time changes and weather changes, your timing will need to adjust as well. This may affect the flow of your wedding and what is needed (rentals, food, drink, hours of service, etc…)

So, make sure you think through your schedule too as you adjust your wedding to your new wedding date.

Now outside of the season change as whole, there may be other changes that can also affect your wedding design.

Other changes that can affect your wedding design

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Because of everything with Coronavirus, this crisis has affected all our lives. And it’s obviously already affected your wedding because you’ve had to postpone.

But, it may have affected you and your wedding in additional ways.

Perhaps you now want to elope or have a small intimate wedding instead. Perhaps getting married now and having a big wedding later is what you want to do.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a change in plans. But, changes to your wedding outside of your wedding date will also affect your wedding design.

You don’t need to abandon your ideas, you’ll just likely need to adjust them to fit your new plans.

This crisis may have also affected you or your family in an even more personal way.

You might have lost someone, or you or someone you know may have been sick. Maybe you were one of the many who lost their job or your business is suffering. Or perhaps on the opposite end, you’re on the front lines in some way.

Life may be very different for you right now.

And this crisis may have changed your life in a way that you want to honor or incorporate into your design.

No matter what the reason, take some time to reassess your vision first. See what has changed from when you first started planning to now. 

Think about the changes or additions you’d like to make to better represent what’s important to you now. And then come up with your new vision.

Your new vision will help you create your wedding design and make the adjustments (and decisions) needed to better represent what’s important to you.

There is a lot to think about in these Coronavirus times. And with a postponement, you will likely need to adjust your wedding design because of your new wedding date.

Thinking through these items will help, but this process is undoubtedly hard. Anything wedding related in these Coronavirus times is hard. So, let us help you make it easier.

Contact us today and we’ll help guide you through the process and make sure you end up with a wedding you love.

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