Wedding Wednesday Q&A: Is It Crazy to Plan a Destination Wedding Given Coronavirus?

Wedding Wednesday Q&A wedding planning questions answered by Destination wedding planner Mango Muse Events

Q: My fiancé and I just got engaged and we want to have a destination wedding. We’ve always wanted a destination wedding. It just fits us perfectly. But are we crazy to plan a destination wedding now given Coronavirus? Is it a horrible idea?

Good question. There is so much unknown right now. And for many, starting to plan a wedding or just the idea of planning a wedding at all can feel like a bad idea.

But when you couple travel and a gathering, i.e. a destination wedding, it’s really a double whammy.

Because you have double the fear.

And besides the unknown of what will be allowed, it’s really the fear you’ll be dealing with.

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But, is it crazy to plan a destination wedding given Coronavirus? No, it’s not.

We will be able to gather again. And we will be able to travel again.

It’s just a matter of when.

And that’s really the question you’re asking.

So, is it crazy to plan a destination wedding soon? Yes. Because it’s not safe or socially responsible to do so.

And likely no one would attend.

Even a small elopement somewhere will need to wait until at least later this year/early next year. And even then it might not be a good idea yet. Especially if you want to be able to hug and dance like normal.

So, to be safe, you’ll want to plan your destination wedding for next year. Plan for a least a year out.

And this applies whether you’re just starting out or you’re in the middle of postponing right now.

Because we don’t know when things will be normal again.

So, if you’re able to push it out even farther, do so. It will only give you a better chance of things being back to normal come your wedding day.

But even then, it’s important you know that some guests still might not want to travel.

So another thing to keep in mind as you plan your destination wedding is to really consider your guest list. The smaller the wedding, the higher probability of people attending.

So, can you plan your destination wedding even given Coronavirus? Yes you can! Plan away!

There’s no reason why you can’t start planning (or continue planning) the destination wedding you want.

And planning your wedding is a happy thing and it will bring some happy to your life. Which we all could use right now.

In addition, let’s not forget that economies and communities all over the world will be needing help.

And whether or not you’re headed to a popular tourist destination, that economy likely can use your support. It doesn’t matter if your destination wedding location is across the state or across the world.

Because when you have a wedding, you’re supporting a ton of small businesses.

So, planning your destination wedding helps support those wedding vendor businesses and the economy. And both could certainly use a boost right now.

Lighted tent for a wedding reception at a private estate for a destination wedding in Hawaii by destination wedding planner mango muse events
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Need some help planning your destination wedding? There’s no better time than now to hire a wedding planner whether you’re just starting out or in the middle of planning. Let us help you navigate this crisis and the planning process.

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P.S. We’re also donating a portion of all planning services to Feeding America and Color of Change. Which is a win-win-win.

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