How to Make Your Small Wedding (or Celebration) At Home Special

We are living in strange times right now, there’s no doubt about it.

We’re all doing our part and staying home. But social distancing makes celebrating difficult.

Because when you celebrate, you want it to be special. Whether that’s a wedding or another celebration like a birthday, an anniversary or a milestone.

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But I’ve got good news!

There is so much you can do to celebrate and make your small wedding (or celebration) at home special.

Most of what you need you likely already have. And everything else you can still get without putting yourself or others in danger. Here are 10 easy ways to make your small wedding at home special.

10 EASY Ways to Make Your Small Wedding (or celebration) at Home Special

#1 – Find a special spot in your home

Every house has special qualities and a special spot (or spots). Take a look around your home and look at it from a wedding standpoint. I bet you can find a spot that would work perfectly.

A backyard or deck could be a great place. A fireplace, some windows or even a doorway in your house can be a good focal point for your ceremony. 

Your dining room and living are naturally both good spots, but another room or a balcony could work well too.

Keep in mind that some furniture might have to be shifted around, but you’ve got time for that!

#2 – Have a friend marry you

One of the most personal ways to get married is to have a friend or family member marry you, whether that’s in Coronavirus times or not.

It’s also an easy way to get married as well especially if they don’t live too far from your home. But, even if they do, a virtual wedding is possible as well.

Now, if you already have your marriage license, then you’re good to go. But, if you don’t, you likely won’t be able to be legally married until county offices reopen.

But, even without the legal side you can still share your love with each other and get married in all the ways that really matter.

#3 – Get dolled up!

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Special celebrations always come with special outfits. Getting all dressed up makes the event more formal and makes you feel your best.

If you have your wedding attire, wear it! And if you don’t, find something in your closet that you love to wear, that feels special when you put it on. It can be anything really. Traditional is not required!

Make sure you do your makeup and hair and don’t forget rings! If you don’t have your real wedding rings yet, purchase some temporary rings or use rings you already own.

#4 – Enjoy a great meal

One of the things that makes a wedding or celebration special is the meal. Usually at a wedding the couple won’t eat much because they’re hosts. But what’s great about a wedding at home is you can actually enjoy your meal!

So, if you enjoy cooking, you can cook something special for the two of you. And if not, restaurants are still doing takeout, so you could still get a lovely meal for your reception. There are even Michelin starred restaurants doing take out, which would definitely be special.

And don’t forget about drinks and dessert! This is your chance to choose something you really enjoy to celebrate with whether that’s champagne, craft beer or a special lemonade.

For dessert, whether you bake it or buy it, you’ve got everything from cake to cookies to twinkies to satisfy your sweet tooth. You can even feed each other some too.

#5 – Use what you already own!

Now, setup and decor will fall to you, but that’s not a bad thing. You likely have many things you already own that will help you decorate from candles to plants to glassware.

No purchasing necessary!

Set your table with your best plates, silverware and glassware. If you have table cloths and napkins, use them! It will only add to the specialness.

For decor, look around your house and see what you can use. It could be Christmas lights or wreaths, ribbon or tissue paper or items from your travels.

Use your collected items for your ceremony backdrop, reception table and around the house to help set the mood.

#6 – Fresh flowers are always special

Colorful wildflower bridal bouquet for a Yosemite destination wedding by destination wedding planner Mango Muse Events
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Fresh flowers always make a space feel celebratory. Not to mention having a bouquet or boutonniere will definitely make it feel like a wedding.

Luckily, you have a few options for fresh flowers. You can pick some from your yard or grab some when you go grocery shopping or you can order some online.

Then you’ll just arrange them to your liking for your ceremony and your celebratory meal.

#7 – Dance the night away

Romantic first dance at a russian river wedding at the Rio Villa Beach Resort by destination wedding planner Mango Muse Events
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Just like how you’ll be your own decorator, you’ll also be your own DJ. But, that’s not a bad thing either.

Pick some songs for your ceremony that can play softly in the background. And then make a playlist for your meal whether that’s romantic or fun or silly.

And just because you don’t have guests with you doesn’t mean you can’t have a dance party. Put together a fun, upbeat playlist and dance the night away. Throw in a slow song (or a few) too so you can have a first dance.

#8 – Lights, camera, action!

Documenting your celebration is another way to make it special. If you have someone in your house that can act as a photographer, give them your best phone or camera to take photos.

Depending on where your officiant will be marrying you from, they could also be your photographer (just remember, 6 ft. away!).

Or if it’s just the two of you, set up a camera to record a video of the day. You can have it record everything from getting ready to the last dance.

You can even talk directly to the camera to capture how you feel and what you want to share with others.

Then you can edit it later and share it with your loved ones or just keep it for yourselves.

#9 – Write your vows

Personal vows are always so lovely to include in your ceremony (whether at home or not).

And since your ceremony will likely be on the short and sweet side anyway, use this intimate setting to share your personal vows.

It’s a great chance to share not only how you feel about your partner, but about how you feel in the current time and why this day is so special.

#10 – Celebrate with others, virtually

Bride having a live stream video chat with guests who couldn't attend her international wedding in San Francisco by destination wedding planner Mango Muse Events
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So, you can’t have a normal wedding or gathering, but you can still celebrate with others. Get your friends and family involved in your wedding, just virtually.

Connect with your family and friends via live stream.

You can get ready with friends online. You can have a family member or friend share a poem or a reading or a song during your ceremony.

Let your loved ones witness your ceremony, your first dance and even join in on your dance party.

And the best part? You can then shut the camera off for all the intimate moments you just wanted shared between the two of you.

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This time of COVID-19 and social distancing is is definitely a strange one. But, there is something special in celebrating in a time of fear and uncertainty.

Having your wedding or celebration at home is about recognizing the importance of joy and love even when the world is scary. Or rather, because the world is scary.

It’s honestly a great reason to celebrate everything and everyone you have.

And just because you’re celebrating at home doesn’t mean it can’t be special. Use these tips help you make your small wedding or celebration at home a special occasion.

If you have any questions during this difficult time, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to help you in anyway we can.

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