One Thing That Matters More Than Your Wedding

The holiday season is an important time of year because it’s a reminder to give thanks. To take a step back and truly appreciate what you have in your life.

Because we’re all so lucky.

It’s not just about the physical things we have like a home, food and clothes. And it’s not just about the experiences we get to have like traveling, concerts and shows.

It’s the people.

We’re lucky because of the people we have in our lives.

Your family, both the ones you were born with and the ones you chose.

The people who support you, love you and would do anything for you.

And the biggest of those is your partner.

This person who you’ve chosen to live your life with. To go through life together as partners.

It’s a huge decision.

But, you made it because they get you. You get them. Because you make each other’s lives better.

And you can’t imagine life without them.

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But, sometimes once the wedding starts to get underway, this gets forgotten.

When you’re struggling to pick a photographer or figuring out how to work with your budget or you just don’t know what to do about your seating chart… you can forget the most important thing.

Your partner and your relationship.

Which is SO much more important than your wedding.

Yes, this is coming from the wedding planner.

Because your wedding matters. But, your relationship matters so much more.

Without it, the celebration of it doesn’t matter at all.

Planning a wedding can be really hard at times, even with a wedding planner. It can get stressful and overwhelming.

You can start arguing over money, your parents involvement or the guest list.

And in those moments, you have to remember that your relationship matters more.

Take a step back and remember what’s really important. Remember why you’re getting married.

Take a moment and appreciate everything you have, especially your partner.

When you do that, all the little things just disappear. All the stress and worry becomes so small in comparison.

And everything becomes so much clearer.

So in this season of giving thanks, appreciate your partner.

Give them a hug, do something fun together, and tell them how much they mean to you.

Take a break from all things wedding, holiday, work, etc… and make time for each other.

It will not only help your relationship, but will make everything else you’re doing easier too.

Because with your partner at your side, you can do anything.

Wishing you and your families lots of love, joy and time together this holiday season.

And when you’re ready to get back to wedding planning, we’re here to help so you can focus more on your relationship and less on all the other stuff.

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