Wedding Party Budget: The Other Budget You Need To Create

One of the first steps you’ll be working on for your wedding is your wedding budget.

Always super fun (not!), but also super important.

Because it’s an important conversation to have to make sure you’re on the same page with your partner and your parents (if applicable). To make sure everyone feels comfortable.

It also helps to frame what you’ll be looking for and looking at for your wedding.

But one thing couples don’t know is that they also need to think about a wedding party budget.

Your wedding party also needs to know what they should be budgeting for. And frankly, so do you when it comes what you’re paying for the wedding party.

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When you ask your friends to be in your wedding party, part of that conversation should also be about the budget and what’s expected of your wedding party.

It’s so that they can make an informed decision and know what they’re getting into.

And so you don’t end up in a situation where someone feels taken advantage of. You’ve heard of those horror stories.

Because let’s be honest, being in a wedding party is expensive! Especially now with destination bachelor/bachelorette parties, not to mention your destination wedding.

So, it’s really helpful to put together a budget for your wedding party.

Now you don’t need exact numbers because you won’t know many things at this point. But, it’s helpful to know what you are covering vs. what they are covering.

And what you’re expecting for each area.

So, let’s dive into each of the areas and what you’ll want to think about.

The Pieces of a Wedding Party Budget


For the attire, first think about who’s going to be paying for it.

And make sure you think about all the pieces of the attire. Because it’s not just a dress or a suit, there are all the accessories too like shoes, ties and jewelry.

Are you covering some, all or none?

While it’s traditional that the wedding party pays for the attire, the more you dictate, the more I think you should cover.

You’ll also want to think about what you’re imagining for the attire. Now, this may be harder since you’re just starting out, but run through these questions and see where you come out.

Did you want everyone to wear the same suit and you expect them to buy it? Or are you renting the attire? Or are they wearing something they already own?

Did you want the ladies to wear a dress from a particular designer? Or are you letting them pick out their own dress?

Keep in mind that I’m using the words suit and dress here, but it could be a shirt and pants, a jumpsuit or whatever you have in mind.


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For the ladies, there’s also hair and makeup to think about. Similarly to the attire, you’ll want to think about who will be paying for the bridesmaid’s hair and makeup.

I always think it’s nice if you can cover the hair/makeup, but it’s a personal decision.

You’ll also want to think about if you even want to require it.

Maybe it’s optional. Maybe you’re allowing them to do whatever they want. Or maybe you’re considering a cheaper option for your bridesmaids.

Think through what you’re imagining so that you can accurately plan for it.


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Then there’s the travel for your destination wedding. Are you planning on covering some, all or none of the costs?

This is not a requirement, but can be a really nice gift and thank you for your wedding party.

You’ll also want to think about if you’re expecting them to stay in a particular place (with a particular cost) as that will play into the wedding party budget as well.


Now typically with bachelor and bachelorette parties, you wouldn’t really be paying.

But with these parties turning into destination events, you’ll want to think about what you’ll be covering as putting everything on your wedding party can be a lot.

Your flight for example is something you’ll want to cover for a destination party. Or your share of the accommodations.

It’s also important to think about what you’re expecting for this party and the length.

Do you have a place in mind? Do you want to go to Paris? Or are you headed to an area nearby? Or do you just want to do something local?

Is it a day with your friends? Or a weekend? Or a 5 day extravaganza?

All of these pieces will play into the wedding party budget.


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Not everyone has a wedding shower anymore, but if you want one and you want your wedding party to throw you one, it’s important you think about what you want.

You won’t be paying for the shower as they’re hosted.

But, what you’re expecting can affect the costs and the budget for your wedding party.

Did you have a place in mind? A fancy restaurant? A cute neighborhood joint? Or someone’s home?

How many people do you want there?

These pieces will affect the costs for the wedding party and/or guests.


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We talked through the major pieces of your wedding party budget. But, there is one last piece and that’s gifts.

Now for your wedding party, that’s gifts from them to you.

And for you, that’s gifts from you to them.

Both sides are purely up to the giver. But, know that it plays into their budget and your budget as well.

Putting together a wedding party budget gives you a chance to look at what those costs may be for you and your wedding party.

And it gives you a chance to really see what you’re asking of your wedding party.

While being in a wedding party is an honor and your friends are happy for you, it’s important to be considerate of what you’re asking.

Putting together a wedding party budget helps with that and helps both you and your wedding party to plan ahead.

Need some help with your wedding budget? One of the many things we do is help you to understand what’s realistic given your budget and your wants.

Contact us today and let us help you figure out the best way to utilize your budget so you can have your best wedding ever.

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