An Eclectic Wedding With a Global Bohemian Design

When I design a wedding, it all starts with an idea.

Sometimes the idea is small and based on some tiny bit of inspiration. Like a color, a photo or an item.

Sometimes the idea is big and is a based on a feeling or a concept. Like garden party meets rock band or global bohemian.

The idea always stems from the couple who are the ultimate inspiration.

And it’s this that ensures that the design won’t be trendy, but always in style.

Because it’s a design that’s unique to the couple. And you are always in style.

(Photo credit: Arrowood Photography)

People talk a lot about trends in this industry. What’s in and what’s out.

And yes, there are definitely trendy things right now that will fade.

But it’s only trendy if it doesn’t reflect you or have meaning for you.

If it does have meaning, when you look back on it, you’ll just see you.

So, a few years ago, I was asked by Pottery Barn to create a wedding table centered around a concept. The concept was “global bohemian”.

Outside of using Pottery Barn items in my design, I was free to take the concept and create.

Which is always super fun for a designer!

Pottery Barn dinnerware for an eclectic global boho wedding table design by destination wedding planner Mango Muse Events

When I design, I always design with a couple in mind. Because it makes it more real. It adds a human element.

A story behind the design.

It’s not just creating something pretty for pretty’s sake. Anyone can do that!

It’s about creating something for someone.

Which means it’s both inspiring and inspired.

And because it brings together not only two people, but all their likes and personality, it’s inevitably an eclectic wedding.

So, for this design, I actually took a couple I know (we’ll call them Natalie and Chris) and used them as the inspiration.

Engagement photos in Hawaii
(Photo credit: Christie Pham Photography)

So, Natalie and Chris are travelers. They’re the kind of travelers who really get immersed in a culture.

They don’t just hang at the resort or go to see the major highlights of a place.

They go on adventures. Even if it’s a little dangerous (or off the beaten path).

While they enjoy revisiting places they particularly loved, they really enjoy going to new places.

Because they love to explore and experience something new.

They’ve been almost all over the world.

And with each new place they buy something for their home.

Which means their home is eclectic. A combination of styles and colors and elements and don’t match, but work together.

This eclectic wedding design was created with them in mind.

Bringing together multiple styles, colors and elements that maybe wouldn’t normally work together, but does for this couple.

Eclectic global bohemian wedding table design for Pottery Barn by destination wedding planner Mango Muse Events

I started the eclectic wedding design with a bright orange linen with little dots which gave the table texture. It also provided it a little bit of a Southeast Asian vibe.

Then, I purposely chose these funky chairs because I could see Natalie and Chris laughing and having fun with these. The metal and fabric contrast was also a nice addition to keep the design both fun and comfortable.

But, the eye catcher is the hanging lantern. Part plant, part floral centerpiece and part history.

A hanging lantern with greenery and flowers for an eclectic wedding created for Pottery Barn
Hanging lantern with greenery, florals and collected beach glass for a eclectic global boho wedding table design for Pottery Barn by destination wedding planner Mango Muse Events

Inside the lantern are bits of beach glass, stones and other little collectibles from the couple’s travels.

The flowers add a pop of color and the greenery is part of a living plant, which is also fun and eco-friendly.

Once you come down from the lantern, the table is a fun discovery as well.


Mixed china in blues and greens create an eclectic global bohemian wedding table design for Pottery Barn by destination wedding planner Mango Muse Events
Patterned china for a bright and fun eclectic table design for Pottery Barn

The mixed china showcases the different styles and design they would have picked up and fell in love with from different places.

Hammered flatware give a slight industrial vibe and the tinted goblets make any drink more fun.

In addition, the mixing of patterns adds texture, playfulness and dimension.

Simple colorful candle floral centerpiece with succulents for an eclectic global bohemian wedding table design for Pottery Barn by destination wedding planner Mango Muse Events
Colorful floral and candle centerpiece for an eclectic wedding for Pottery Barn

I kept the centerpiece purposely simple.

An upturned candle holder with colorful flowers placed on top adds interest and works with the hanging lantern.

The bright colors also add lots of pop and interest.

But, it also doesn’t take away from the mixture of pattern and textures of the china, napkins, chairs and votives.

Mixed patterns create a eclectic wedding tablescape for Pottery Barn
Mis-matched patterned napkins used in a global bohemian eclectic wedding design
Mis-match patterned napkins for an eclectic wedding design for Pottery Barn

I also had a lot of fun with using mis-matched napkins in different patterns!

They play off the patterns already present in the china and and orange linen and bring a uniqueness to each place setting.

Vintage key placecard for a eclectic global bohemian wedding table design for Pottery Barn by destination wedding planner Mango Muse Events

Vintage keys collected over the years are used as place cards which also serve as favors.

Guest names are written on torn edge paper and tied with string.

And lastly, an assortment of votives in different colors add additional warmth to the table. Along with animal figurines all inspired by the couple’s travels.

Mixed colored votives and animal figurines as a part of the centerpiece for an eclectic global bohemian wedding table design for Pottery Barn by destination wedding planner Mango Muse Events
Bright colorful glass votives with various patterns for an eclectic wedding design

What do you think? Fun, right? !

And although this eclectic wedding design wasn’t created yesterday, it’s still relevant. It’s still unique and fun. Because it all stemmed from them.

And let’s be honest, everyone’s tastes fall to the eclectic.

Because you like more than just one thing (just look at your Pinterest page as proof).

And that’s ok! It’s good even.

Because creating your design is just about making your eclectic wedding style mixture work together.

So, let us help you! Contact us today, we’d love to create a wedding design just for you.


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