Wedding Wednesday Q&A: Is It Worth It?

Wedding Wednesdays Q&A answered by Destination wedding planner Mango Muse Events

Q: We’re having our destination wedding in kind of a remote location, which we like! But, there aren’t a lot of wedding vendors in the area. What we’re having trouble with is that we’re finding that the better vendors are a bit far away. I mean all of our vendors are going to have to travel. But the ones we like more (we’re looking at caterers right now) are at least a few hours away. And so the travel fees and staffing fees are higher. Is it worth it to bring someone in from farther away? Is that a bad use of our budget? Or should we be using wedding vendors that are close by?

Since there are actually a few different questions being asked here, let’s take them one by one.

Question #1 – For a destination wedding, should you use vendors close by or bring someone in?

This is always a debate when it comes to destination weddings. While sticking to wedding vendors that are close by means that travel fees (if any) will be cheaper, those aren’t always the wedding vendors you want. They’re not always the wedding vendors that make sense for you.

And that is the crux of this question.

The wedding vendors you choose to work with should be the ones that fit you and your wedding the best. Now “fitting” comes down to many factors including budget.

But, in the end it’s about the choice that feels right. And the vendor who will take care of you and your needs.

So, whether you “should” use vendors close by or not, is not really a matter of should. It just depends on your wedding.

But, I’d say for most destination weddings, you’ll likely end up with a combination. Some vendors that are close by (mostly product based vendors like caterers, florists, rentals) and some that come from farther away (mostly service based vendors like photographers, hair and makeup and wedding planners).

Question #2 – What is a good use of your wedding budget and what isn’t?

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So this is a tough one. Mainly because it’s such a personal question.

How or what is a good use of of your wedding budget really depends on what is important to you. And what is important to you is personal.

It’s also situational. So, it’s hard to advise on what is or is not a good use without knowing both the couple and the situation.

But, speaking to this situation specifically and what little I know of the couple. Here’s what I can say…

Paying more for travel and/or staffing in order to get something you want, that is important to you, is a good use of your budget. If it’s something that matters to you and the wedding you want, paying more for that line item is a good choice.

Because it’s something you care about.

However, if it was something else that didn’t matter as much, or was just a “nice to have”, I’d think harder on that. It still could be a good use of your money depending on your other options. Or it could not.

Question #3 – Is it worth it?

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Of all the questions, this is the big underlying one. Is it worth it?

And worth is all about value. Something is worth it, if it has value to you. If it feels like a good value.

And value is even more personal than your budget.

It is SO different for every person. It means something different to different people.

You and your fiancé probably have different ideas of what is a good value. You’ve maybe even fought about it before.

So, how do you figure out if this is worth it?

Talk about it together. See how each of you feel about it. And then see how the item/vendor would affect other parts your wedding and how that would make you feel.

Then come to a decision together. Because you if you go for it, you want it to be worth it to you both.

It’s hard to know which destination wedding vendors make sense, where you should spend your money, and what’s worth it on your own. Start by using these tips and then contact us here and we’ll help guide you the entire way.

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