Wedding Wednesday Q&A: Should I Be Spending A Lot on My Wedding Photographer?

Wedding Wednesdays Q&A answered by Destination wedding planner Mango Muse Events

Q: So, I just recently got engaged and I’ve been receiving a ton of advice. One of the things I keep hearing is to spend my money on my wedding photographer. Everyone keeps saying how important it is. The thing is, I don’t really care that much about photography. But, I keep thinking that I should. Because I’ve never been married before and I keep hearing this advice. Are they right? Should I be spending a lot on my wedding photographer?

This is such a great question! And it’s a question I get ALL the time. The question may be about different vendors or different things, but it’s still essentially the same question. How should I be spending my money?

We’ll get to that answer, but I want to make sure we answer your specific question about wedding photographers first.

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So, this is a common piece of advice that is circulated on the internet and heard from family and friends. And it can take many forms:

“Hire a good wedding photographer!”

“Make sure you spend money to get a good wedding photographer!”

“My biggest wedding regret is not spending enough on a wedding photographer.”

“I wish I had spent more for the better or professional wedding photographer.”

This wedding advice is common because your photos are one of the few things you’re left with after the wedding.

Besides a dirty dress, a copy of your stationery and some amazing memories, your wedding photos are one of the few things that remains.

Your wedding photos are also your keepsake.

It’s what you can look back on to remember the day when the memories start to fade. It’s what you show your kids and grandkids. And it’s what you frame and put on the wall.

So, your wedding photos are important.

It’s not an incorrect statement. Because like a wedding video, your wedding photos will live on forever.

But, while each person is entitled to their own opinion, their opinion may not be yours.

Yes, generally wedding photography is important. But, I would say the same thing about things like food, music and a wedding planner.

The question is whether it’s important to you.

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Because here’s the thing, what matters to you is going to be different than what matters to me or the next person.

And you have to make YOUR decisions for YOUR wedding based on that.

Based on what matters to YOU.

Not on what your friend thinks is important. Not what a wedding blog said you need to do. And not on what the masses are telling you.

If wedding photography (or flowers or music, etc…) isn’t important to you, don’t spend your money there.

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That doesn’t mean you still can’t get good photos, it just means that it’s not an area of importance to you. And you’re choosing not to allocate a lot of money to that particular area.

And that’s ok!

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on your wedding photographer (or florist or cake, etc…) if you don’t want to.

And you shouldn’t feel bad about that decision.

Don’t be bullied into doing something you don’t want to do. Instead spend your money on the things that do matter to you and create the wedding you want.

Need some help to create the wedding you want? Contact us today! We’ll make sure you’re spending your money in the areas that are really important to you.

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