One Important Question Couples Forget to Ask the Venue

When you’re planning your wedding there is one thing you’re going to have lots of, questions.  You’re going to have TONS of questions.  Because it’s all new to you!  And in order to understand the details, the situation and what you need to do, questions have to be asked and answered.

Besides the questions you naturally have, there are always questions you didn’t think to ask.  Which of course is when having a professional wedding planner on your side helps a lot.

Now there are many questions that you should be asking each of your vendors.  But, your biggest vendor is easily your venue.

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You’re going to have not only initial questions for your venue, but also questions that come up during the planning process.

And there is one important question that couples always forget to ask their venue.

What are they doing for you and what aren’t they?

When you met with your venue you may have asked them what is included or excluded from your rental fee.  You may have discussed restrictions and rules.  You may have discussed decor and photography.

But, it’s really easy to forget that your venue is also a vendor. 

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Which means they’re not only providing you a location, but actually doing things for you.  And the question you need to ask is what are they doing for you and what aren’t they?

The reason behind this question is so you can understand how involved (or not involved) they will be during both the planning process and on the wedding day.

Because there are some venues that are literally just renting you the space.  And they’re doing absolutely nothing for you outside of making sure the venue itself is in proper shape.

But, then there are others who will be setting up your tables and chairs.  Or handling your food and/or beverage service.  Or coordinating to help you get the permits you need.

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Because every venue is different and how they operate is different, you need to understand what your venue is doing for you.  And there’s really two main reasons why this is so important.

1) So that you know what you need to take care of on your own or via another vendor and can plan for that


2) So you can capitalize on their help

It’s not only important to know what you need to do, but what someone can do for you.  Because the more you don’t have to do yourself, the better!  This includes both the planning of your wedding and your wedding day.

So if your venue can take care of something for you, let them.  But, you need to know what those items are so that you can plan accordingly.

And if your venue isn’t handling certain aspects, then you need to figure out how they will be handled and by whom.

So, make sure you ask your venue this question and fully understand what is it they’ll be doing (and not doing) for you.  And by the way, if there’s something you’re hoping they can do for you, this is a great time to ask.

If you’re worried that you’ll forget something or that you aren’t asking the right questions or that you’ll be stuck doing more than you want to, make it easy on yourself and get some help.  Contact us today and we’ll make sure you’re completely covered.


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