Wedding Wednesday Q&A: What to do if a wedding vendor cancels on you

Wedding Wednesdays Q&A answered by Destination wedding planner Mango Muse Events

Q: It’s a month until my wedding day and my florist just bailed on me.  She says she can no longer do my wedding.  I’m so upset and frustrated. What do I do now?

I’m so sorry to hear that!  That is not a situation anyone wants to be in.  Especially when your wedding vendors are supposed to help you, not make things harder.  So, let’s take this step by step so we can fix this and you can move forward.

Step #1 – Breathe and take a step back

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I’m sure you’re feeling all kinds of emotions right now.  You’re pissed off.  You’re anxious.  And you’re probably really stressed out.  Take a step back for a moment.  For a little while, just stop thinking about the crappy situation that you’re in.

Take a moment to breathe and remember the big picture.  You’re marrying this amazing person you love, that is what is important.  They’re still here and they love you.

Think about all the happy things in your life.  And I’m sure there is a lot.  From the people in your life to your job, house, pets!

While the situation sucks, you’ll get through it.  This is not the end of the world.

And you have time!  So be thankful for that.  You have a whole month to figure it out and I’m going to help you.

Feel better?  Ok, on to step #2…

Step #2 – Close the old vendor out

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You don’t want the old wedding vendor (and those feelings) hovering over you, so close it out as fast as you can.  Which means getting what you need from them and moving on.

So, pull that contract back out and re-read it.  Look at what you’re entitled to if they cancel on you.

In most cases they either have a backup wedding vendor (in this case a florist) to take over or you get any deposits you made back.  This should be a given if this is a legitimate wedding vendor.  Make sure you talk to them and get that squared away ASAP.

Now if you aren’t working with a professional and you don’t have a contract (which are both no nos) at the very least make sure you get your money back.  You won’t have anything to support you in the claim, but hopefully they’re good people and will give it back to you.

By the way, you’re going to want to find out why they’re cancelling on you.  Because we’re curious beings and we always just want to know.  But, it really doesn’t matter.

Unless they’re cancelling for a very legitimate reason (which this doesn’t sound like) then you don’t want to work with them anyway.  So, it doesn’t matter why and you don’t want to focus your time or efforts on that.  Just move on.

Step #3 – Find someone new

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Once you’ve closed things off with your old wedding vendor, now it’s time to find someone new.  The best and easiest place to start is by asking your other wedding vendors for help.

Tell them the situation and see if they can recommend someone for you.  They will have vendors they like and can speed this process up for you.  And speed in this instance is important.  Because you need to get someone in place soon.

But the key here is to be super vigilant and cautious.  You obviously got screwed once before, don’t let it happen to you again.

So, vet them thoroughly.  Make sure their contract is solid.  Read past reviews and talk to their past clients.  Make sure you feel 100% comfortable before you move forward.

Step #4 – Get everyone up to speed

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Now that you have a new vendor team member you want to bring them up to speed on all the details of the wedding.  You also want to inform the rest of your team of the change, especially those who will have to work with them.

The success of your wedding relies on your team.  Make sure everyone is on the same page and your new team member has all the info they need to succeed.

You can do it, there is still time!  But, if this feels like a lot or you just don’t want to have to deal with it, hire a wedding planner.  They’ll handle this whole process for you.

And if this is one of your fears, hire a wedding planner first before you hire anyone else.  You can contact us here.  We’ll help prevent this from ever happening in the first place.  Which means you won’t have to worry at all.

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