3 Easy Wedding Planning Time Management Tips

Wedding planning is like having a second job.  Have you heard this before?

People say it all the time and heck I’ve said it!  Because it’s true.  But it sounds preposterous to everyone else.  Because until you’re actually in the middle of planning your wedding you don’t understand.

It’s hard to wrap your head around the sheer amount of stuff you have to do until you’re actually doing it.  And then once you are, it’s immediately overwhelming.  It doesn’t matter how organized or on it you are, it’s a lot to think about and do.

And the kicker with weddings is that you only have so much time.  There is a deadline, a due date.  And everything has to get done before then.  So, time becomes a precious commodity.  Even more so than it always is.

Now, hiring a wedding planner (which I highly recommend), will save you a ton of time and relieve much of the stress and worry.  But, even if you hire a wedding planner, you’ll still have to find time to take care of the pieces you need to handle, think about, and make decisions on.

And with a full time job, how do you do that?

Here are 3 easy tips to help you manage your time so you can plan your wedding and still have a life.

3 Easy Wedding Planning Time Management Tips

Tip #1 – Give yourselves some due dates

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The problem a lot of couple’s face is procrastination.  It’s partially because you think you have time because your wedding is 9 months away.  But also because you just don’t feel like doing it.

But then once you start procrastinating, it piles up.  And then the more it piles up the more you don’t want to do it.

It’s like filing away paperwork or cleaning out your email.  If you don’t touch it, the pile gets larger and larger.  And as it grows you feel more and more pressure.  And simultaneously more dread.  So, you procrastinate some more.

And it goes round and round until you’re forced to do it all at once.  Yikes!

So, instead of procrastinating, give yourself some due dates.  Put deadlines on everything you need to do from making a decision on a DJ to attire research to having that chat with your mom.  Because while the ultimate due date is your wedding, you don’t want to save everything until those last few weeks.  It will be a nightmare for you.

Setting deadlines will help force you to complete things so you can move on to the next thing.  And here’s what will help you with that…

Tip #2 – Dedicate some time every week to wedding planning

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Treat your wedding like how you treat everything else you need to do.  Like working out every week.  Or doing laundry or the dishes. You set aside time to do those things.

And just like those tasks, you also need set aside time to plan your wedding.  Make it a part of your routine.

Maybe it’s every Sunday afternoon.  Or it’s Wednesday and Saturday for a couple hours.  Set aside time for your wedding and then get what you need to get done.  Look at your list of items and your due dates and work on it.

You’ll space things out for yourself which will make it less stressful.  And you’ll get stuff done!  Which means you’ll feel good and have less to do later (i.e. you won’t have a pile!).  And here’s what will make it even easier…

Tip #3 – Split up the responsibilities

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It’s really easy for the bulk of wedding planning to fall on one person.  Either the one that cares more, or the one that’s more organized or creative.  Or just simply the woman.

But, many hands make light work!  While you can have a “point person” for your wedding, you should both be involved.

And that means you should both be working on it.

So, split up the responsibilities.  One person works on the shotlist while the other works on the songlist.  One person plans the honeymoon while the other figures out the rehearsal dinner.  You each handle your respective wedding party in terms of attire, gifts, and parties.

Then you can come together and share what you found and make final decisions together.  This way you’re both working on it and it’s not falling all on one person to do it all.

It also means that you can get more done faster.  So, those couple of hours on Saturday?  With the two of you working on it, you can get four hours worth of work done in two.  And then you have the rest of the day to do other things.

Wedding planning doesn’t have to consume your life.  Use these 3 easy wedding planning time management tips and it will make planning your wedding so much easier.  You’ll feel less stressed and actually accomplish things!  And we all want that, right?!

Newlyweds sitting in the garden at their spring garden wedding in Healdsburg wine country by Destination wedding planner, Mango Muse Events

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Are you busy and need some help planning your wedding?  Contact us today!  We’ll help make your planning experience a happy one.


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