How to Screw the Joneses and Wedding Trends

At the start of the year there is always talk about wedding trends and what is going to be trending for that new year.  This applies to everything from travel to fashion to of course, weddings.  I’m sure you’ve seen those emails and articles all over the place talking about what’s in and what’s out.

While trends are fun, they also come with an inherent pressure to “keep up with the Joneses”.  You have to keep up to be cool.  And if you don’t have a certain item or don’t look at certain way, you can feel simultaneously jealous and self-conscious.

It reminds me of high school.  Unless you are the popular kid (which, let’s face it most of us weren’t), there is so much insecurity and judgement.  If you can rise above it, that’s great.  But, we wouldn’t be human if we didn’t feel bad when someone makes fun of us or is judging us.

That self-conscious feeling is horrible, I hate it.  And no one likes feeling jealous.  You’d much rather be happy with what you have instead of wanting what someone else has.

Now, I have a strong personal dislike for wedding trends for this reason, but I also dislike wedding trends because they cause you to forget you.  How can you create your unique wedding, when all you’re thinking about is what is “cool”?  How do you get the wedding you actually want if you’re only looking at what is trending?

So, here’s a simple and super effective wedding design tip:

Screw the Joneses!  Put the blinders on and do your own thing.

Bride dancing on the dance floor at a Sonoma destination wedding reception by destination wedding planner Mango Muse Events

(Photo credit: Andria Lo Weddings)

Because here’s the thing, this is your wedding that you’re putting lots of time and money into.  It’s a special day that you not only want to love now, but love 50 years from now.  Which means you need to design for you, not the Joneses.

As I said before, wedding trends are fun.  But, just because something is “cool” doesn’t mean it makes sense for you.

Let me give you an everyday example.  Over the past couple of years off the shoulder tops and dresses have come into fashion.  They were everywhere at one point.  And while it can be very cute, it is NOT for everyone.  And just because it’s “cool” doesn’t mean you should buy an off the shoulder wedding dress.

The key is you need to create your wedding design with what feels good and has meaning to you.  And when I say you, I mean you as a person and you as a couple.  Because really what you want is a classic wedding, not in the stylistic sense (although that’s totally ok too), but one that will always be cool to you.

Because trends are trends for a reason.  They come and go.  That’s why they work so well in fashion, because clothes only last so long.  But, weddings are forever.

So if a current trend is something you’ve always been into (like say the off the shoulder style), then it’s not trendy for you, it’s classic.  However, if you’ve always loved sapphire blue and millennial pink is something you only started really liking, then that’s trendy for you.  Go ahead and buy that millennial pink bag, but don’t use it in your wedding.

So, how do you create your unique wedding and screw the Joneses?  You have to put the blinders on!

Groom making funny faces at a San Francisco wedding by destination wedding planner Mango Muse Events

(Photo credit: Jerry Yoon Photographers)

Inspiration is great, but it can be too much.  Instead of looking at everything, look at what specifically speaks to you.  And then ignore everything else.  Don’t worry if ultra violet is in this year or if herb bouquets are the thing.  Focus on you and what you like.  Look around yourself and see what speaks to you and what you gravitate towards.

I promise you’ll feel much more confident and happy with your wedding decisions.  Which means you’ll be on your way to creating the unique wedding you really want.

And don’t forget that we can help!  Contact us today to create your unique wedding.

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