3 Easy Alternative Holiday Decor Ideas

I just came back from a fantastic trip to the south and am filled with so much inspiration!  As a destination wedding planner, traveling really gets my juices flowing and I always come back with new design and wedding ideas.

This trip took me to Charleston, Hilton Head and Savannah.  Each location has such charm and because it’s the holiday season, they were very festive (which I love!).

So, today I’m going to share with you 3 easy alternative holiday decor ideas from my trip to the south.  And what’s great is that these decor ideas can not only be used in your home or for a holiday party but for a wedding as well.

3 Easy Alternative Holiday Decor Ideas

#1 – Incorporate Orange

Red and green are two colors you see a lot during the holidays, but an easy alternative you wouldn’t normally think about is orange.  Orange has a fall feel to it, but also has gold tones.  Incorporating orange gives your holiday decor a more earthy feel.

You can use it just with green or work it in with your reds and shiny golds as well.  This orange and green garland kept popping up and I couldn’t get enough!

Orange and green garland alternative holiday decor idea by Mango Muse Events destination wedding planner

#2 – Use Pale Greens

It’s no surprise that green is associated with Christmas.  But, there are so many greens and so many ways to use it!  One fun alternative is using paler greens.  So, instead of the darker fir green, try out some silver greens or sage green.  Bonus is that they pair very nicely with metallics as well.  So, why not try some muted greens and blues for your holiday table?

Sage green and silver blue china for a holiday table idea by Mango Muse Events, destination wedding planner

Or incorporate airplants as a contrast to the dark green like in this Christmas tree.

Airplant holiday decor idea for a Christmas tree by Mango Muse Events, destination wedding planner

#3 – Go Beachy

One doesn’t usually think of the holidays and think of the beach, but why not?  Tons of people head to warm locations for the holidays because well… it’s warm!  Coming from Hawaii, my holidays were always warm and beachy.  So, an alternative idea is to take your holiday decor beachy.  You can incorporate colored shells with your greens to add that beach twist to your centerpieces.

Colored sea shells as an alternative beachy holiday decor idea by Mango Muse Events, destination wedding planner

And don’t forget you can use all these ideas for your wedding, destination wedding or holiday wedding as well.  I’m already dreaming up all kinds of ideas from just these 4 images alone!

As with any design, have fun with it!  Change it up and try one of these easy alternative holiday decor ideas.  Or incorporate it into your normal holiday reds and greens.  Anything that brings a smile to your face or to another’s is a win!

Now I’d love to hear from you!  What’s your favorite alternative holiday decor idea?  And which will you give a try?  Let me know in a comment below.

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