An Easy Way to Support Those in Need

It’s been a rough year for a lot of people from hurricanes to mass shootings, wildfires, and terrorist attacks.  There has been so much devastation and sadness.  I’ve written about it multiple times this year because it’s felt never-ending.  Just one blow after another.

People have lost so much and lives have changed forever.  It’s immensely sad and you want to help somehow.  And this being the season of giving, there feels an even bigger need to help.  Volunteering your time or donating money is always helpful.  But there’s one more way you can help the rebuilding efforts – visit.

When a tragedy happens people’s natural inclination is to avoid the area.  But, one of the best ways we can help is by traveling.

Many of these cities and areas rely heavily on tourism.  Spending money helps support the local economies, small businesses, and jobs.  What these communities need is more people visiting, not avoiding these locations, but supporting them.

So, what can you do this holiday season (and into 2018)?  Take a vacation! 

Be thankful for all you have and celebrate with the ones you love in an awesome location.  How about Mexico city?  The Caribbean?  Barcelona?  Las Vegas?  Napa/Sonoma?  All great options.

The best part is that this is an easy way to help others.  And you’ll not only get to enjoy a vacation but feel good about supporting people (and an area) that could use it.  Just make sure you’re headed somewhere that has recovered enough to support tourists (i.e. Puerto Rico isn’t ready yet, but Turks and Caicos is).

Give thanks and travel to support those in need this holiday season!  It’s fun and helpful.  Win-win!

And if you’re planning a destination wedding, the same thing applies.  I know it can be scary to plan a wedding in a place that just suffered a tragedy, but that’s exactly why you shouldn’t avoid it.  If you have a love for a location, celebrate it!  It will only help them to rebuild what you love about it.  And the support the locals who could use it.

Grape vines in Sonoma valley, California

(Photo credit: Andria Lo Weddings)

So where are you headed?  Let us know in a comment below.

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