How to Make Sure You Look Amazing on Your Wedding Day

You know how when you have some big event coming up, you always stress a little (or a lot) about what you’re going to wear?  It could be an interview or a presentation and you want to look professional.  Or it could be meeting your partner’s parents for the first time and you want to impress them.  Or it could be a high school reunion and you want to look stylish.

You stress about what you’re wearing because you want to make a good impression.  And how you look is the first step to making that first impression.  I always believe that when you look good, you feel good.  We’re all at the very least a little vain and care about how we look.  So, when we think we look good, that confidence shines out.  On the flip side, when we don’t think we look good, we tend to shrink and hide and feel self-conscious.

And the same concept also applies to your wedding day.  Because while weddings are all about feeling, you not only want to feel good, you want to look good too.  You’re taking photos which are going to live on forever.  And this is the day where whether you like it or not, you’re the star.  The spotlight will be on you.  People will be looking at you and you want to feel your most beautiful and handsome.

Bride and groom on the dance floor at their San Francisco wedding reception at the Julia Morgan Ballroom by Destination wedding planner Mango Muse Events

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Thus, one of the fears and worries many engaged couples have (particularly brides) is that they’re going to look horrible on their wedding day.  And no one wants that.

We brushed the surface of this subject recently in our Facebook live session, but I wanted to take it further and give you the steps you need to ensure you look and subsequently feel amazing on your wedding day.

4 steps to ensure you look amazing on your wedding day

1. Wear something that empowers you.  Our clothes are just material goods, but they have the power to make you feel awesome.  You can’t deny that when you wear something you love like a favorite sweater or a pair of jeans it’s a happy thing.  So, make sure what you choose to wear on your wedding day is not only comfortable but empowers you.  You want to like how you look in it and how you feel in it.  You want it to feel like you and feel awesome.   It doesn’t matter what you choose, just choose what feels good.

Groomsmen and their superhero cufflinks at a Hawaii destination wedding by Destination wedding planner, Mango Muse Events

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2. Focus on your face.  Your attire will play a big part in how you look and feel.  But, your face is what evokes that emotion and those happy feelings.  So, make sure your face/head also looks and feels good.  What that means for the ladies is hair and makeup.  To put yourself at ease, make sure you do a hair and makeup trial ahead of time before you even hire someone (if possible).  This ensures you like both the person and what they’re doing.  For men, don’t forget to think about your hair and facial hair (if applicable) and get a trim or tweak your style as you see fit.

A bride getting her hair and makeup done on her wedding day planned by Destination wedding planner, Mango Muse Events

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3. Treat your body well.  Now, I’m not talking about losing weight or getting skinnier arms or a tighter tummy.  To look good, you need your body to feel good.  This means getting rest, eating proper meals and exercising (this also affects your skin and subsequently #2).  None of this is new because these are the things you want to do to treat your body well normally.  So, if you’re already doing it, just make sure you continue to take care of yourself while planning your wedding.  And if you’re a bit inconsistent in one or many of the areas, try to become more regular.  It will benefit not only your wedding day, but your life too.

A bride looking and feeling great at her maui destination wedding by destination wedding planner mango muse events

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4. Treat your mind well.  This is the other half to #3 and is probably the most important of all the steps.  Stress can hurt your body, your face and well, not your clothes, but your feelings.  If you’re worried, anxious and overwhelmed it’s going to stress you out and is not going to make you look good.  At the very least designate a day of manager or hire a month of coordinator, but if you can hire a wedding planner, do it.  Passing off the responsibility to someone else will make a huge difference on your frame of mind.  And if your mind is at peace, then you can focus on what really matters, all the love.

Follow these 4 steps and you’ll not only look amazing on your wedding day, but feel amazing too.

Need some help with #4? That’s what we’re here for!  Contact us today to set up a free consultation.

Happy bride and groom at Healdsburg wedding by Destination wedding planner Mango Muse Events

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