How to Find a Good Value For Your Wedding

I was recently shopping for some shoes for an upcoming hiking trip.  I owned hiking boots already, but I was headed to a place where it rains a lot so I wanted them to be waterproof.

And I had narrowed my search down to 2 different ones.  One was really affordable and got decent reviews.  The other was more expensive but was supposed to be really light and comfortable.   Can you guess which one I went with?

After a debate in my head, I ended up choosing the more expensive one because it would be lighter to pack and wear.  And having comfortable shoes when you’re hiking was more important to me than saving $50.

But really, in the end, I went with the 2nd pair because I thought it was a better value.

So, what is value?  It’s an assessment you make about the worth, importance or usefulness of an item.  It’s an assessment of how you feel about an item.

And value is a personal choice.  What is of value to me is different than what may be of value to you. Or to the girl sitting next to you in the coffee shop.  And it’s situational as well.  If I just needed the waterproof boots for a one-time trip and they were just going to get trashed and dumped, I would have gone with the cheaper one.

We use this judgment of value in our decisions every day.  You use it when you choose what to eat for lunch or which cold medicine to buy.  You use it when you pick a nail salon or a plumber.  And you use it when you’re planning your wedding.

I’ve been hearing the word value a lot with my couples recently and it’s an important consideration.  There are some couples who just want the cheapest option and others who just want the high-end option.  But, for most of us, we’re looking for value.  You want a good value for your wedding.  It’s less about how much it actually costs (although that still matters), but what you’re getting for it.  It’s about how you feel about it.

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I can tell you what is a good value in the wedding industry in relation to other options.  But, I can’t tell you whether something is a good value for you.  That is only something you can decide on.  Only you know how you feel about it.  And this is something I find couples struggle with.

Weddings are emotional and so are the decisions.  So, you need to step back for a moment and ask yourself a few critical questions.  These 4 questions will help you to decide if a wedding vendor, decor item or service is a good value for you.

4 Questions to Find a Good Value For Your Wedding

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1. How important is this item/service to you?  In your ranking of items in your wedding, where does this fall?  Quality matters more the higher on the list the item is.  And you’re probably willing to spend more for that quality.  The value will be different if the item is lower on your list.

2. What will this item/service do for you?  Will it save you time or money?  Will it prevent headaches or make you feel pretty?  And then what is that worth to you?  The more an item/service does for you, the more it’s worth.  And depending on the price, the higher the value.

3.  What’s the cost?  Well, we can’t ignore this one, right?!  What will this item/service cost you?  Don’t think about just the money involved in buying something or hiring someone.  But, what else you will need to do to make this option work.  What are you exchanging for this?

4.  What does your gut tell you?  Ok, so for this one we’re bringing emotion back into the mix.  How do you feel about it?  Does the item/service make you happy?  Sometimes a good value for your wedding is just about how happy something makes you.

Once you have the answers to these 4 questions, you can make a call on whether a wedding vendor or item is a good value to you.  And if you make your decisions based on the value you’ll usually feel pretty good about it.  As I did with my hiking boots (they were great!).

Bride and groom happily cutting into their wedding pie at their Hawaii destination wedding by Destination wedding planner, Mango Muse Events

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Now I want to hear from you!  How has understanding the value helped with your wedding decisions?  What’s one decision you’ve made that you feel really good about?  Please share in a comment below.

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