On the 8th Day of Joy, Remember

Hello!  Can you believe we’re on the 8th Day of Joy?  Time sure flies when you’re having fun and I’m having so much fun sharing my loves and favorites with you.  I’m also loving all of your shares too and seeing the joy all around.

If you’re just joining our joy revolution, welcome!  We’re celebrating 12 Days of Joy with one small joy every day until Christmas.  Because life can be stressful and hard at times and we could all use a little more joy in our lives.  So pull up a seat, come and join us and let’s bring some more joy into your life.

On the 8th Day of Joy, Mango Muse Events shared with me…

The joy of memories

Bride and groom laughing during their wedding ceremony by Destination wedding planner, Mango Muse Events

(Photo credit: Sherman Chu)

Memories are one of those funny things.  Some are burned into your brain and you can still feel, smell and taste it.  Others are fuzzy and indistinct.  It’s still there, just not super clear.  And then there are ones that you don’t remember until you do and then it all comes flooding back.  Like finding an old friend.

I love memories because they’re stories.  But, instead of made up characters, it’s your life.  They’re real.  They happened.  And it’s not just my own memories that are fun to relive and retell, but hearing others.  I’ve always loved hearing other people’s stories about their childhood or travels or just daily life incidents.  I even played with the idea of writing storybooks for people at one point.

Reliving a memory takes you back to another time.  It could be a funny memory, a silly one, an insanely happy one or just a ridiculous one.  But the memory and the remembering of it, makes you smile.

One of my favorite memories is of this trip I took with my husband (boyfriend at the time) to Europe.  We were in London heading to Paris next and we were supposed to wake up at 6am, but the alarm didn’t go off.  We ended up waking up when we were supposed to have been leaving to get to the train station.  Yikes!  After scrambling to get ready and pack up, we rushed out of our hotel.  I remember feeling like a crazy person trying to hail a cab in the rain (because this is London, right?).

We hopped into a cab and made it to the train station.  We then rushed through customs and ran up to the train with literally moments to spare.  I think after we got on the train the doors closed a few minutes later.  It was totally one of those stressful travel experiences, but now I can’t help but laugh.

I laugh at our craziness.  I laugh that our alarm didn’t go off.  It’s funny that we couldn’t get a cab in the rain.  And it’s funny that we forgot to grab my husbands coat after going through security.  It’s all just a funny and happy memory that I’ll always remember from that trip.

So, right now think of one memory that makes you smile.  It could be a travel memory like mine.  Or it could one from your childhood with your siblings.  Perhaps it’s how you fell in love with your partner.  Or maybe it’s a more recent one from this year.  Think of a memory and relive it.  Relive it in your mind.  Or better yet, share it with the person who was also a part of the memory.  Relive it together and laugh, smile and feel the joy of your memory.

Loving all the good feels?!  Yay!  Make sure you come back for tomorrow’s 9th Day of Joy and please share this post with your family and friends.  Because everyone could use more joy in their life.

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