On the 5th Day of Joy, Hugs All Around

5 big fat rings….

Yup, you guessed it!  We’re on our 5th Day of Joy!  Yay!  Have you been having fun?  I am and I’m so happy to be sharing my loves with you and some simple ways to bring more joy into your life.

If you’re new to our 12 Days of Joy, welcome welcome!  Come and join us and bring more joy into your life.  Check out our past posts for all the joyful goodness.  And then get ready for our 5th Day of Joy.

On the 5th Day of Joy, Mango Muse Events shared with me…

The joy of a hug

Wedding party taking a moment and hugging at a Calistoga destination wedding by Destination wedding planner, Mango Muse Events

(Photo credit: Kate Webber)

Some people aren’t huggers, but I am.  Maybe it’s because of the huggy nature growing up in Hawaii.  Or the hugginess of my family, but I’m a hugger.  Hugs are so friendly.  They evoke not only friendship but love.  When you give a hug, you’re giving love.  And when you get a hug, you’re receiving love.  It’s just so happy.

You know how there are good handshakes?  You experience them when you’re interviewing for jobs or meeting business people.  There is also such a thing as a good hug.  I have this friend who gives the best hugs.  He’s a bigger guy and his hugs just envelop you.  They are warm and filled with such love.

I love hugs.  They break past the barrier of just acquaintances.  When you hug someone they’re a friend.  Which means there is a liking for them and a happiness you feel when you think of them.  And that hug brings joy to the giver and the receiver.  It’s like magic!  There is instant gratification (which we all love) and it’s free!

So, give a hug!  Go out today and hug someone.  Even if you aren’t a hugger naturally like me, go hug someone you love.  Hug your partner, hug your kid, hug your dog.  It will make you feel better instantly and bring joy to your life and another’s.

And then come back tomorrow for our 6th Day of Joy!

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