On the 2nd Day of Joy, Add Some Sweetness To Your Life

Welcome back to our 12 Days of Joy!  If you’re new here, we’re celebrating the 12 days of Christmas with 12 Days of Joy!

Life and wedding planning can be stressful.  The state of the country and the world is stressful right now.  So, we could all use more smiles, more laughter, and more joy in our lives.

The 12 Days of Joy celebrates a small way to bring some happiness to your life.  Every day until Christmas I’ll be sharing one of my favorite things and the joy it brings me.  And then giving you a chance to think about (and share) your favorite.

The goal?  To bring more joy into your life even if it’s just for a moment.   So, let’s dive into our 2nd Day of Joy.

On the 2nd Day of Joy, Mango Muse Events shared with me…

the joy of sweets

Wedding dessert bar with sweet treats designed by destination wedding planner, Mango Muse Events

(Photo credit: Bethany Carlson)

Everyone loves a sweet treat.  It doesn’t matter what it is, something about sweets makes you happy.  Maybe it’s the extra sugar rush or the taste in your mouth.  It’s such a joy-inducing thing.  I think that’s why dessert is always at the end of the meal because you end on a good note.  Think about little kids with their ice cream cones or a piece of candy or a cookie.  They’re always totally grinning.  When you eat a sweet, you can’t help but do the same even when you’re an adult.

One of my favorite sweets is super classic chocolate chip cookies, chewy in the middle with crispy edges.  So yummy and I can’t help but smile.  But I love desserts in general everything from Ben & Jerry’s to almond croissant to shave ice to cocoa puffs.  As you can imagine the holidays are quite a fattening time for me.  But, a happy one!

So, go to your happy place and what’s one sweet treat that you can’t help grinning over?  Think about it or better yet, get yourself one!  And bring some kid-like smiles to your face.

Tell me in a comment below, what’s one of your fave sweet treats?  And then share the joy!  Share this post with your friends and family, because everyone could use more joy and sweetness in their life.

I’ll see you tomorrow in our 3rd Day of Joy!

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