4 Tips to Creating a Holiday Wedding Without Being Cliché

It’s that time of year when the world falls in love…

Not only is it the time of year for engagements (if you just got engaged, congrats!!!), but it’s also a popular time of year for destination weddings.

You may be escaping the cold and headed to a tropical location like Hawaii or Mexico.  Or you may be embracing the snow and getting married in Colorado or Austria.

Whether your wedding is near or far, cold or warm, it’s still around the holidays which means, it’s a holiday wedding.

Now whether you like the holidays or not, I think it’s always nice to embrace the current season.  That doesn’t mean you need to have Christmas trees at your holiday wedding (if that’s your thing, then all the power to you).  And for most of you, that is exactly what you don’t want.  So, today, I’m sharing 4 tips to creating your holiday wedding without being cliché.

4 tips to creating a holiday wedding without being cliché

Tip #1 – Focus on one element

Don’t theme it out.  Instead of going full tilt, just pick one element to incorporate.

For example, that could be a color like deep green or an item like twinkling lights or a shape like stars.  Take that one element and use it in the decor of your wedding.

You can incorporate it on your tables or in your venue or on your invitations.  Keep in mind this element doesn’t have to be everywhere, just use it in a way that makes sense for your wedding.

Green gold and white wedding cake by Pretty Please Bakeshop

(Photo credit: Pretty Please Bakeshop)

Tip #2 – Bring in the mood and feeling of the season.

So, instead of the aesthetic (or in conjunction with), think about the experience.  What is the feeling you get when you think of the holidays?  What do you like about the holiday season?

For example, maybe you like the giving aspect and you have your guest’s donate to charity instead of giving you gifts.  Or maybe you like the sharing aspect and you have your guests participate in your ceremony.

Interactive wedding ceremony for a Paris destination wedding by Destination wedding planner, Mango Muse Events

(Photo credit: David Pullum Photography)

Tip #3 – Celebrate with your food and drinks

Bring in the season into your wedding meal or drinks.  For example, you could focus on making people feel warm and cozy and serving soup, hot cocoa and dishes with spice.  Or maybe you serve traditional holiday treats like gingerbread and apple cider.

Hot chocolate bar

(Photo credit: Established California)

Tip #4 – Have a little surprise 

The holidays always have a little extra something, so find a way to put the bow on top.  For example, you could give your guests a fun ornament favor or a mini wreath.  Or perhaps you have a glitter and confetti filled photobooth.  Or maybe you put together a champagne tasting bar.

Mini succulent wreath favor

(Photo credit: La Crema and The Paper Mama)

The key to creating your holiday wedding (or any wedding) is to have fun with it!  Play with ideas to celebrate the season without going overboard.  Share what you love about this time of year with your guests and the holidays will shine through without being cliché.

Need some help planning your holiday wedding?!  Contact us today.  We’ve got tons of fun and festive ideas to bring all kinds of joy to your wedding.

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