Creating Your Wedding Reception Flow

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One of the biggest tasks you’ll be faced with when planning your wedding is the construction of your schedule.  The wedding schedule is HUGE!  It’s such a big part of what makes your wedding day go smoothly.  You have to account for setup and break down, for vendors, for photos and also what is actually happening during the day.

A big chunk of what is happening during the wedding day takes place in your reception program.  This is also the portion of your wedding that your guests see most (besides your ceremony).  So, to say this portion is important is an understatement.  It’s a large part of what is happening and what your guests will remember.  You want to get this right.

Now, don’t freak out!  Getting this portion right just means doing what matters to you and putting it together in a way that flows well.  Flow being the operative word here.

Our very organized DJ friends over at Spintronix have one very important tip to help you with this flow:

Don’t break up your dancing.  It’s a better wedding reception flow to go from your dances into open dancing. 

Now, this doesn’t mean you can’t do your first dance in the beginning of your reception to kick the evening off.  This just means once you have started dancing in the later portion of the program, don’t go from dancing to a toast.  You want your dances like your mother-son dance or your father-daughter dance to lead into open dancing.

This is a good tip to keep in mind because a dance (any dance) easily leads into inviting everyone to celebrate on the dance floor.  It flows nicely and is an easy transition.  It makes sense.  And that is what you want.  You want your schedule and your wedding reception flow to make sense.

First dance under a canopy of butterflies taken by Spintronix

(Photo credit: Spintronix)

To check out the awesome DJs and some sample mixes at Spintronix, head here.

And don’t forget we can help create your flow!  Contact us today to set up a free consultation.

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