Wedding Wednesdays Q&A: What Makes a Good Wedding Baker?

Wedding Wednesdays Q&A by Jamie Chang Destination Wedding Planner of Mango Muse Events

Q: I’m at the point in my planning where we’re starting to think about dessert which totally excites me.  I love dessert! But, I realized, I have no idea what makes a good wedding baker? What should I be looking for?

This is such a good question!  While many of the things you’ll be looking for in all your wedding vendors will also apply to your wedding baker, there are some differences.  But, first, let’s go over what you should be looking for in all of your vendors.

It’s important that your vendors are professional.  This means they have an online presence that looks pulled together, they have good reviews and they focus on weddings.

And then you want to resonate with your vendor’s personality, philosophy, portfolios, photos, videos.  So you want to connect with what they are showing, what they are sharing and who they are.

Lastly, you want to take a look at their services and products and see if both the pricing and offer is a good fit.

Now, when it comes to your wedding baker whether that is a cake baker or a dessert baker there are some key items you’ll want to hone in on.  Those are their professionalism, their products, their pricing, their design and their taste.

As a vendor friend of ours, Jill from Delish Designs says,

“Unlike other vendors, you don’t have to love their personality.  You just have to love their desserts, feel like they understand you and are professional.”

Personality matters less when it comes to your cake and desserts.  What does matter is how they treat you, whether their items are a fit, the design, and the taste.  And the important thing I want to stress here is the taste.  It can get really easy to get wrapped up in what is pretty and forget this is something you are eating.  Your cake and desserts should taste good to you.  So, schedule a tasting!

In your tasting, you’ll get a good sense of your wedding baker’s professionalism, design style and capabilities, and what their dessert tastes like.  You’ll be able to see what they can do.  This is huge!  So, make sure you schedule a tasting.  And come on, it’s fun too!

A cute dessert bar created by wedding baker and designer Delish Designs

(Photo credit: Spotted SF)

Looks yummy, right?  The above dessert bar was baked and designed by Jill.  Her treats are super delish and you can check out more of her work here.

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