4 Tips for Your Florist Meeting and Proposals

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Looking for, meeting with and hiring a wedding florist is going to be one of many wedding planning steps for most of you.  Couples can struggle with this process, in particular, the meeting and proposal phase.  So, today I’ve got some super helpful tips from Karen, an amazing florist and one of the owners of Petite Petal Co. to share with you!

4 Tips for Your Florist Meeting and Proposals

Bring images with you to the meeting and review it with your florist.

Make sure you bring some images to share with your florist in your meeting.  You don’t have to like everything about every photo, but you want to share what you do and don’t like.  You should also bring some photos of your dress, the venue and wedding party attire as well.

Have a clear understanding of your style and vision.

You want to share what you’re looking for, what you want and what you like.  Your florist needs to understand your vision in order to help construct and design a proposal for you.

You also should have a clear vision of what you need.

When putting together a proposal, you want to allocate your funds accordingly.  Make sure you know where you want to spend more (i.e. what you care more about) the reception or the ceremony.  And then prioritize between what is a must have, a like to have and a nice to have.  You should know what you need at least in general.  If you aren’t sure if you need a particular item, put in a line item so that some money is saved for that.  You don’t want to get surprised later.

You want to feel confident that they understand your vision in the meeting.

So, here’s how you know if your florist is a good fit.  You want to feel confident that they understand your vision throughout the entire meeting.  Your florist should ask you questions to understand your style.  If they don’t, it’s not a good fit.  If they consistently make recommendations you don’t like, it’s not a good fit.   You should feel like they get you and are enhancing your vision.

If you want to check out Karen and her co-owner, Jeeryn’s beautiful work at Petite Petal Co, you can do so here.

Pink floral centerpiece made by wedding florist, Petite Petal Co.

(Photo credit: Petite Petal Co.)

And don’t forget that we can help you find the right florist along with the meeting and proposal.

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