July Wedding Planning Challenge

Wedding Planning Challenge by Destination Wedding Planner Mango Muse Events

What would one less coffee a week do for your budget?  Or cutting out your gym membership that you never use?

I was talking with my financial gal the other day and we were discussing ways to save more.  At first glance, it seemed impossible.  But, as we talked more and brainstormed ideas, a ton of feasible ideas came up.  It felt ok, or dare I say good to get rid of some of these things altogether or find alternatives.

As we were working along, I realized why cutting felt ok.  It was because it wasn’t about cutting out what makes us happy, but seriously looking at where we can reduce a little (like coffee) or remove items we don’t use or need (like the gym membership). While this exercise had to do with saving for retirement, the same idea also applies to weddings.

We don’t have unlimited funds which is why a wedding budget is important.  But, staying within budget is the hard part.  I get budget questions all the time always around how to have a wedding on a small budget.  Like saving for retirement, staying within your wedding budget is about thoughtfully reducing or removing.

Your next question I’m sure you have is, how do you do that?  Don’t worry, our July wedding planning challenge is going to help you out.  We’re going to give you tons of ideas and ways to help your bottom line.  When you can cut a little or a lot here and there, it really adds up and can make a big difference.

July Wedding Planning Challenge

If you’ve been joining us for our monthly wedding planning challenges, welcome back!  And if you’re new, welcome!  We’re so excited for our July wedding planning challenge.  While we love all of our challenges, for July’s challenge, we’re going to shake things up and do it a little differently.  Instead of laying out the entire challenge here, we’re going to take it to email instead and give it to you bit by bit so that it’s not overwhelming.  Here’s how the July wedding planning challenge will work:

July wedding planning challenge, how to have a wedding on a budget by Destination wedding planner Mango Muse Events

Step 1

First things first!  You have to sign up to get our July wedding planning challenge emails.  You can do so here.  Even if you’re on our email list already, you won’t get the challenge emails unless you say yes.  So, sign up now so you won’t miss one awesome budget tip.

Step 2

We’ll be sending you emails throughout the month with ways to help reduce your costs. But, this can’t help you if our emails end up in spam.  Sad face.  So, make sure you move us to your inbox or add our email address (info@mangomuseevents.com) to your contacts list or safe senders list.

Step 3

Take action!  Throughout the month of July (starting on July 3rd), you’ll get weekly challenge emails in your inbox every Sunday with easy ways to help your budget out.  You can use them all or just the ones that make sense for you.  Remember that you should spend your money in the areas that matter.  Don’t deny yourself what makes you happy.  Working with a budget means finding ways to reduce or remove that still feels good.  No sad faces here!

Step 4

Share your wins!  We love to hear when couples are successful.  And, let’s face it, wedding planning can be hard.  But that means you should celebrate every happy moment.  And we want to hear all about it!  Share your wins with us in a comment below or on social media with #WeddingPlanningChallenge.

Excited?!  So are we!  Make sure you sign up for our wedding planning challenge emails and we’ll see you in your inbox!

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