How To Curate Your Wedding Style

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How are you doing on your June wedding planning challenge?  As you’ve been figuring out your wedding style and diligently making note of what you like and are now looking at everything together, are you having a hard time picking out your overarching style items?  This can sometimes happen especially when you’ve brainstormed a bunch and have a lot of items to sift through.  You may think that some items don’t go together or you’re conflicted about what is more important.  Don’t you worry, today I have a quick wedding design tip to help you curate your wedding style.

To curate your wedding style, group things together and then harmonize.

Your wedding style does not have to fit into a box and that is a good thing.  You don’t really want a one note wedding where everything is “rustic”.  It’s totally ok to throw in a little classic style or modern touches or something completely different. So, how do you do this?  The key is to start by grouping things together.  Take a look at your list and group the items that are all along the same lines, like neutral colors or flowing fabrics or geometric patterns or items with a soft and warm feeling.  Remember to only group the items that matter to you and ignore the less meaningful items, you don’t want to group everything you wrote down on your list.  By the way, if you’re confused about what list we’re talking about, check out our June wedding planning challenge to learn how to make this list.

Then you want to take a look at those groups and combine them so that they harmonize.  You want to create a combination that mixes in a way that makes you happy.   You’re looking to create your own unique wedding style from all the things you love.  You just have to find a way to make them work together.  So, if you love geometric patterns, but you also really love a more soft and flowy aesthetic, perhaps you include a geometric pattern that is less about straight angles and more curvy like this table number stationery design we created for a couple’s wedding.

A ocean inspired table number stationery design with a curvy geometric pattern

Or let’s say you have a thing for old movies, but you also love it when the mood is warm and interactive.  Perhaps you incorporate old movies into the table names or you have a fun game involving old movies or you pick an intimate venue and with a movie motif.

Foreign Cinema restaurant wedding venue in San Francisco

(Foreign Cinema, photo credit: Jerry Yoon Photographers)

Items that may seem contradictory, may not, in fact, be that way.  You just need to bring these items together and marry them (pun intended).  Like you and your fiancé, you aren’t exactly alike, but you love each other for your similarities and differences.  This same concept applies to your wedding style.  It’s just a marriage of what you both love and bringing that together in a new and beautiful way.

A wedding couple holding hands at their Sonoma destination wedding reflecting their unique wedding style

(Photo credit: Arrowood Photography)

We’d love to hear how you’re doing with figuring out your style, so please let us know on social media with #weddingplanningchallenge or in a comment below.  And if you haven’t yet taken our June wedding planning challenge and downloaded your free cheat sheet to help figure out your wedding style, it’s not too late, do it today!

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