Non-Traditional Wedding Dress Ideas

While I love a beautiful strapless white (or ivory) wedding dress, I’m non-traditional at heart and I love wedding dresses that are unique and alternative.  It’s fun and different and while not for everyone, if the strapless white dress just doesn’t do it for you, why not go for something a little different?  To follow up to our post on the best wedding dresses from Bridal Fashion Week, today we’ve got some amazing non-traditional wedding dress ideas to help inspire you for your wedding.

The first non-traditional wedding dress idea is not even wedding dresses, but wedding pants!  A great alternative to the traditional wedding dress, these are quite trendy right now and can take a few different forms, but I love the look.  It’s streamlined and chic.

This Elie Saab has a 60’s vibe to it which is fun with the styling and the wide leg pant.  But, most importantly look at the fun applique on that sheer top.  It has elegance with texture, which I think is great.

White applique pantsuit by Elie Saab a non-traditional wedding dress idea

Carolina Herrara takes wedding pants and gives us a cropped version which is fresh and modern.  Paired with a classic white shirt and a lovely veil, this is both pretty and easy going, perfect for the bride who doesn’t want a lot of fuss.

White cropped pants and top by Carolina Herrera, a non-traditional wedding dress idea

This Monique Lhuillier number is fun because it takes a strapless jumpsuit and adds a tulle skirt. It’s fun, definitely different, but still totally beautiful.

Strapless jumpsuit and tulle skirt by Monique Lhuillier, a non-traditional wedding dress idea

Now, perhaps pants aren’t your thing.  Maybe you still want a dress, but non-traditional for you means something more colorful.  Colored dresses are becoming more and more popular and honestly, I really dig them.

If you want something with subtle color, this peachy Kelly Faetanini wedding dress starts off very light and then the color gets a bit deeper the farther down you go.  Not quite an ombre, this wedding dress while not bold definitely isn’t your normal white dress.

Peach wedding dress by Kelly Faetanini, a non-traditional wedding dress idea

I love green, it’s my favorite color, so when I saw this Jenny Packham green wedding dress, I had to share it.  A soft celadon type of green, this wedding dress along with its floral applique has a bit of a vintage vibe to it, like something I could’ve pulled out of my mom’s closet when she was young.  I think this type of dress is a great pick for the bride looking for something that feels like it has a history.

Green wedding dress by Jenny Packham, a non-traditional wedding dress idea

This wedding dress by Naeem Khan is double fun.  It’s a Kaftan style wedding dress which already is non-traditional, but then it’s also pink.  I think the flowy sheer fabric coupled with the white scrolling design is very eye catching.

Pink kaftan wedding dress by Naeen Khan, a non-traditional wedding dress idea

Now if we’re talking eye-catching, check out this gold and white wedding dress by Kelly Faetanini.  While there is white, the gold bodice is striking and very non-traditional.  I love the feathery aspect and the whole piece reminds me of an elegant bird.

Gold and white feathered wedding dress by Kelly Faetanini, a non-traditional wedding dress idea

If green, peach, pink or gold isn’t your thing, how about purple?  This purple Naeem Khan wedding dress is all about flowers, but its soft lavender color is what makes it pop.

Lavender wedding dress by Naeen Khan, a non-traditional wedding dress idea

And if we’re talking about pop, this next one is bold.  This bright burgundy/fuschia Vera Wang wedding dress will totally put you in the spotlight.  It also happens to be a gorgeous dress as well.

Burgundy wedding dress by Vera Wang, a non-traditional wedding dress idea

(Photo credit: Tamiz Photography)

And finally, we can’t talk colored wedding dresses and not talk about red.  The color of love, this red Hian Tjen couture is totally romantic.

Red wedding dress by Hian Tjen, a non-traditional wedding dress idea

Non-traditional can mean many things.  Perhaps pants and color isn’t your thing, but maybe you just want a dress that has some detail or a style that is a little unexpected.

This Lela Rose wedding dress is sleek on the bottom with a sheer and detailed poncho/cape style top.  Not your average two-piece or cropped top wedding dress.  It’s unexpected, but sweet and so much fun.

Cropped two piece wedding dress by Lela Rose, a non-traditional wedding dress idea

Or why not throw on a bomber jacket? This Theia wedding dress + bomber jacket is totally cool in my opinion.  A bit casual, a bit funky, but perfect for the right girl.

Bomber jacket wedding dress by Theia, a non-traditional wedding dress idea

And while we’re talking about looks that are a bit more casual, I love this Carolina Herrera shirt dress.  It takes the everyday shirt dress and elevates it to a wedding dress, but still keeps the casual, cool look intact.  You don’t have to wear lace or beading or tulle to get married.  You can be just as pulled together in something like this.

shirt dress wedding dress by Carolina Herrera, a non-traditional wedding dress idea

And there you have it!  They are all so lovely, it’s hard to choose.  And while you may not have seen something that is exactly what you want, you can use these non-traditional wedding dress ideas to help inspire your wedding look.  Happy shopping!

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