Wedding Tip: How to Make Wedding Communication Easier

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How are you coming along with the May Wedding Planning Challenge and working with your family and friends?  It’s ok if you’re still working on it as it may be something you encounter throughout the entire wedding planning process.  But, if you’re struggling, take action now! Because you want less stress and more joy and happier wedding planning.  To help you along, today we’ve got a quick and easy wedding planning tip that will help make working with your family and friends much easier.  And you can make it happen today.

So, maybe you’ve got the overzealous mom or the bridesmaid who is a night owl or a sibling who has an opinion about everything or the friend who is a shopaholic.  They are emailing or texting you all this info and inspiration and it’s helpful, but you’re totally overloaded.  What are you to do?

Streamline your wedding communication.  Choose one form of wedding communication and stick to it.

You can choose email and set filters so the emails go to a certain folder.  Or choose to communicate via group text or only use your wedding app to talk to people.  Whatever you choose, pick one and then tell everyone who is involved in planning your wedding to contact you via that form of communication.  Hopefully, you don’t have too many cooks in the kitchen (that is a whole other issue), but this way you’ll have everything in one place and you won’t have to jump from one to another.  It frees up the bombardment feeling and also allows you to ignore messages for a bit if you’re not ready for it and you can come back to it when you are.

Now your next question may be, how do you get all these people to use this one form of wedding communication?  Just be honest about it.  Tell them that you’re feeling overwhelmed with all of the wedding messages and to keep it organized and make it easier for you, could they please send all their wedding messages this one way.  They can contact you differently for things outside of the wedding, but for the wedding itself, this one form works best for you.  They will respect that and while they may slip up, if you’re consistent in how you communicate with them about your wedding, they’ll reciprocate.


Are you planning your wedding and feeling overwhelmed?  You’re not quite sure what you should be doing or if what you’re doing is right.  Does this sound familiar?  We understand and we want to help you!

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