All Natural Bridal Beauty

It’s your wedding day and you want to look your best!  You want to be a natural bridal beauty which means feeling and looking beautiful in whatever way that means to you.  But bridal beauty goes beyond great makeup and hair, you want your face and your body to be radiant and what better way to emphasize your natural beauty than with all natural beauty care?  It’s Earth day today and in honor of our planet, today we want to share some amazing all natural beauty products to help make you an all natural bridal beauty.

I recently discovered this Brooklyn-based brand called S.W. Basics which I think is pretty great.  Their products are made of all-natural simple ingredients that you can actually pronounce – what a concept! Most of their products contain 3-5 ingredients which are certified organic, fair trade, or sourced from family farms.  Their products are effective and they have skincare products for your face and your whole body.  I’ve tried a few of their products personally and they leave your face feeling clean and hydrated.  I’m particularly fond of their toner.  While it has a little bit of a smell, it feels great.

In addition, I love that when you purchase their products you’re supporting a small business.  They also stand by their products 100% so if you aren’t satisfied they’ll make it right. If you’re wanting to go all natural with your skincare, you should definitely check them out. Oh, and did I mention that while you can buy their products online, they also sell them at Target?!  Easy to get as well, love it!

Mini kit of S.W. Basics all natural skincare products perfect for an all natural bridal beauty

(Photo from S.W. Basics)

Be a natural beauty and check out S. W. Basics or another natural skincare line.  There are a quite a few now that focus on creating effective, organic skincare and putting products that are natural on your face.

Which if you think about it, just makes sense whether you’re a bride or not.

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