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How are you coming along with the April Wedding Planning Challenge and making good wedding decisions?  If you’re still struggling a bit with making your wedding decisions, never fear, we’ve got a quick and easy wedding planning tip to help make your wedding decisions easier.

You’ve taken the April Wedding Planning Challenge, so you know the questions you need to ask in order to have the information you need to make a sound and good decision for you and your wedding.  But, sometimes after going through the process, you’ve got two options (or three) that are both good options, so you’re not sure which one is the best option.  If this sounds like you and you’re debating back and forth between two wedding photographers or two hair and makeup artists or two wedding invitations, here is a quick and easy wedding planning tip to help you through your wedding decisions.

Make a decision by picking one of the options and then sleep on it.

What you want to do is choose one of the options and then stop thinking about it.  You won’t tell anyone about your decision (except maybe your fiancé), but you’ve made one.  Then you go about your day.  Go through a whole day and night with that decision made.  Then when you wake up in the morning assess how you feel.  Are you excited?  Are you sad?  Are you still unwillingly thinking about the other option?

Couples tend to overthink wedding decisions in general and this is an easy way to see how you really feel about your options without overthinking it.  If you’re sad or longing for the other option, then that is the right one.  If you feel excited and jazzed, then the option you picked was the right one.

It’s a simple technique but one that works well not only for your wedding decisions but for all your decisions in life. If you’re struggling between two good options, this is the way to figure out your decision.

If you haven’t yet taken the April wedding planning challenge and gotten your FREE Decision Making Cheat Sheet, go right now and get it!  It will give you the tools you need to make your wedding decisions so much easier.

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