A Catholic Church Wedding Story

If you’ve been hanging around our blog for a while, you know I love stories.  It’s the thing I love most about weddings.  I love learning my client’s stories and who they are.  Their story helps inspire the wedding which is essentially an extension of their story.  It’s the next chapter and I have the pleasure of helping them create it.  I want to make sure their wedding is personal, meaningful and creates the feeling of who they are and this shows up not only in the design, but the planning and the experience as a whole.

Because stories are so important to us, today I want to share a wedding story with you.  A couple of mine decided to have a destination wedding in Hawaii. The bride grew up Catholic, but the groom’s family was not.  It was important that she getting married in a Catholic church, but not have too overly of a Catholic church wedding since both families were not Catholic.  If you’ve ever been to a Catholic ceremony you know that it can be long and not always the most fun for guests.  So, the couple wanted to make sure that the church was close to the wedding reception location.  This resulted in the selection of a large church that had super tall ceilings. It was pretty, but huge which posed a bit of a problem.

The couple themselves are really easy going and from a style perspective very simple.  They didn’t want anything over the top or fussy.  So, when faced with this massive church, the challenge became how do we design for it while keeping the couple in mind?  The natural tendency with this church would be to create a design that is large and tall to work with the height and size of the church.  But, that wouldn’t work well for the couple.

After some creative brainstorming and research I ended up presenting the couple with an idea to have these wooden pedestals that held these simple, but pretty arrangements.  The natural looking pedestals gave the arrangement height without being over the top.  In addition, we added some maile leis which not only gave the pedestals more greenery but some fragrance as well.

Floral pedestal created for a church wedding for a destination wedding in Hawaii designed by Destination wedding planner Mango Muse Events

These pedestals didn’t actually exist in the world, so I created the custom design pieces so that it would work with the floral arrangements.  The best part was that all the flowers were able to do double duty and work on the reception tables as well.  So, not only did we save them money, but we created a design that fit well with both the church and the couple’s style.

Simple calla lily arrangement created for a church wedding for a destination wedding in Hawaii designed by Destination wedding planner Mango Muse Events

The end result was pure harmony.  I was thrilled with how it turned out and the couple was too because it represented them well and worked perfectly with their church wedding.  And just look how beautiful the bride looks!

Bride and her father walking down the aisle at a church wedding for a destination wedding in Hawaii designed by Destination wedding planner Mango Muse Events

(Photo credit for all photos: Allina Yang)

I hope you enjoyed our church wedding story today.  We’ll be sharing more stories to help inspire you to create a design that fits with your story and who you are.  Till then, happy planning!

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