4 Tips to Planning Destination Wedding Activities

Destination Weddings by Mango Muse Events

Planning destination wedding activities is easier than it sounds.  I know for many of you adding another thing to your wedding planning plate doesn’t seem like much fun, but I promise you, planning these destination wedding activities will be.

In a recent post, we talked about 4 reasons why you should plan destination wedding activities and today we’re going to share with you 4 tips to help you plan your destination wedding activities.

4 Tips to Planning Destination Wedding Activities by Destination Wedding Planner Mango Muse Events

Tip #1 – Plan your activities for when most of your guests will be onsite.  You’ll most likely get to your destination location before your guests do, so you don’t want to start having activities when you arrive.  You want to make sure you plan your activities after the majority of your guests arrive.  For most destination weddings, this usually ends up being about 2-3 days before your wedding.

Tip #2 – Think about the kinds of activities that you are interested in.  You always want to start with you and the kinds of things you and your fiancé enjoy doing.  Think about your hobbies and the activities you enjoy doing together on weekends or on vacation.  That could be wine tasting or hiking or going to museums or having picnics.  Do a little brainstorming of things you enjoy doing first.  Then…

Tip #3 – Choose activities that are both special to the area and align with your interests.  I know you love to travel because you’re having a destination wedding.  And you chose this destination for a reason, so I always think it’s great when you can highlight that in your destination wedding activities.  You want to take your interests from Tip #2 and choose activities that align with what is special about the destination.  Maybe that’s rum tasting in the Caribbean, cooking lessons in Paris, surfing in Hawaii, hiking in Costa Rica or seeing a broadway show in New York City.

Tip #4 – Make your activities optional, but have at least one big gathering.   Not all of your guests are going to be interested in hiking or snowboarding, but they all need to eat.  Make sure you keep the activities optional but provide at least one opportunity for everyone to gather for dinner or drinks.  This can be a welcome party or rehearsal dinner (or both).  You want to remember that this is a vacation for your wedding guests too and some of them may just want to hang out by the pool all day, but are happy to get together for dinner.  So, invite them and then let them decide.  Put the RSVP for the activities with the RSVP for your wedding so they can let you know what they will be attending and what they won’t be.

Wedding guests at a rehearsal dinner celebrating with cocktails at a Vancouver destination wedding by destination wedding planner Mango Muse Events

(Photo credit: Tomasz Wagner Photo & Films)

Need some help planning your destination wedding activities?  Enter Mango Muse Events!  We’ll help you plan some great outings and events that you and your guest will love.  Contact us today to get started.

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