4 Ways to Celebrate Life at Your Spring Party

Happy Spring and almost Happy Easter!  Do you know what I love about this time of year?  The celebration of life.  And I’m not only talking about what is fresh and new, but what is old too.  Where you are now and who you are now is a function of where you’ve been and I think it’s important to acknowledge that.  I’m all about celebrating life’s moments with joy and really savoring the experience.  You only live once and things can change in an instant (just look at what happened in Brussels), so it’s important to celebrate life as much as possible.

If you missed our last post, it’s our birthday this week and we’re celebrating not only 7 years, but how we got here and where we’re going.  Whether you’re celebrating a birthday like us, or an Easter party, a spring party, an anniversary, a wedding, a gala, a client event or a company event, here are 4 ways to celebrate life with joy in your upcoming party or event.

4 Ways to Celebrate Life at Your Spring Party

1. Celebrate with your meal. Create a menu that goes beyond just what is yummy and select items that celebrate the past and present at your spring party.  For example, I have a thing for eggs benedict.  When it’s my birthday, I always want brunch and specifically eggs benedict.  The type of eggs benedict varies, but it’s a tradition and something I love.  So, if you’re having an Easter party, you could make an old traditional Easter recipe you loved as a kid or something you’ve always wanted to try.  If you’re having a company event, you could serve an elevated version of the one meal you used to live off of when you first started.  If you’re having a wedding, maybe you serve your current go-to cocktail and at the end of the night, you serve the warm drink that always comforts you.  You can have so much fun with this!  Go back into your memory and use your imagination. This is a chance to celebrate life in the form of nourishing yourself and others, so make your meal joyful.

Champagne cocktail for a Spring Party by Destination Wedding Planner, Mango Muse Events

(Photo credit: Kate Webber)

2. Celebrate with your music. Play the tunes that you love and for most of us that spans decades and even genres.  Your spring party needs music even if it’s just in the background, so take people on a little trip and celebrate the music of your life.  For example, I love 80’s music so, at my wedding, we had some 80’s music thrown into the mix.  If you’re having a birthday party, pick some songs from certain points (or years) in your life up to what you love now.  If you’re having a gala or corporate event, pick music that represents where you are and what you feel right now whether that is hopeful, excited, accomplished, worldly, grateful, etc…. If you’re having an anniversary party, you could pick songs that celebrate your milestones together like when you got married, when you lived out of the country or when you had your first child.  Set the mood and take your guests on a musical journey celebrating life.

Singing to 90's hip hop music for a Spring Party by Destination Wedding Planner, Mango Muse Events

(Photo credit: Tomasz Wagner Photo & Films)

3. Celebrate with interaction.  The activities and details of your spring party are what people remember and what makes it fun.  Celebrate life by bringing in elements that get people to learn, experience something new or recollect fond memories. This is your opportunity to really use your imagination.  For example, for a 70th birthday party that I planned, we created an interactive photo trivia game all about the birthday girl.  So, if you’re having a wedding, you could showcase photos and stories of your life together.  If you’re having an Easter party, you can play the traditional egg hunt, but maybe instead of candy inside the eggs, it’s a puzzle to find the real stash.  If you’re having a client event, you could show your appreciation by highlighting them and how awesome they are, how far they’ve come and how they’ve grown with you. Create an opportunity for people to interact while celebrating the spirit of the event.

Photos and stories for a Spring Party by Destination Wedding Planner, Mango Muse Events

(Photo credit: Rachel Robertson Photography)

4. Celebrate for the future.  You also want to celebrate what is to come and the hopes and dreams that encompasses.  We don’t know what lies in the future, but we can look forward to it and share our excitement for it.  Infuse that excitement into your spring party.  If your company is launching a new product/service share that at your event and give your guests a little taste.  If you have an upcoming bucket list trip celebrate that in one of the 3 ways listed above or in your decor.  If a big change is coming or you have a big goal you want to hit capture where you are now with photography or videography (or both) so that you’ll have it look back on and for your next event after the big change happens or goal is met.  Celebrate the excitement of the future with your guests.

Photography and vdeography for a Spring Party by Destination Wedding Planner, Mango Muse Events

(Photo credit: David Pullum Photography)

Whether you are throwing a small event or a large one, a fancy or simple one, you’re throwing this event for a reason.  Celebrate that and celebrate life whether that is your life, another’s, your company’s or your mission.  Remember the stories and experiences and people that have shaped you to become who you are now and where you’ll be going.  And if you need an easy tool to help organize your event so you can focus on creating fun ways to celebrate life, check out our friends at Eventbrite.

How will you celebrate life with joy?  Share one idea you’ll use at your upcoming spring party or event in a comment below.

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