Quick Wedding Design Tip: The One Color That Goes With Any Wedding

Quick Wedding Design Tip by Destination Wedding Planner Mango Muse Events

Since the March wedding planning challenge was all about color, we wanted to share a quick wedding design tip to help support you in discovering your wedding colors.

If you’ve gone through our March wedding planning challenge, you know that finding your wedding colors is all about looking at yourself and your surroundings and realizing what brings you joy.  But, when you start to put your wedding colors together you’ll find that sometimes it’s nice to have a complimentary color, one that is more neutral and supports your main colors.  So, today we’ve got a quick wedding design tip that will totally help you out.  Are you ready?

There is one color that works with any wedding and all colors and all styles.  This color compliments every other color I’ve ever seen in a multitude of different types of weddings.  And no, it’s not white or black.  The one color that goes with everything is gray.

Now you may be thinking, “Gray? Really?”  But, it’s true!

Gray works with neutrals like white, black, beige, and taupe and it works with both brighter or softer colors from red to green to purple and everything in-between.  It also works with any style of wedding too and here’s why.

Gray is subtle enough that it’s a neutral color, but it has so many shades that it can come across darker or lighter, bluer or more yellow.  It can be bold and contrasting or soft and blending.  It literally works with everything and not only is it an amazing color to compliment your other colors, it can also stand on its own.  Now you probably don’t want a completely gray wedding, but if gray was your predominant color, that would be lovely too.  Check out some examples below.

The color gray goes with all wedding colors - A quick wedding design tip by destination wedding planner Mango Muse Events

(Photo credits clockwise: Christie Pham Photography, Arrowood Photography, Chrisman Studios, Bethany Carlson Photography)

As you can see, you can use gray in your linen, in your flowers, in your attire, in your stationery and more!  The possibilities are endless.  So, there you go!  If you’re struggling to round out your colors and need a helping hand, the color gray is your friend.   Now we’d love to hear your thoughts, so share with us in a comment below how you’ll use gray in your wedding.

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